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PURE 1.0: The Futuristic Concept Shoe Made from Polyurethane

From heel to sole, from tip to clasp: The concept shoe PURE 1.0 is entirely made of polyurethane. The design study illustrates the technical and optical finesses which are feasible thanks to the innovative material.

PURE 1.0: The Futuristic Concept Shoe Made from Polyurethane

pure 1.0_concept shoe_components.jpg

PURE 1.0 concentrates the comprehensive competence and decades of PU experience of BASF. Together with experts of the shoe industry, our specialists have developed the design, feel and material variances of the more than a dozen individual parts. It took less than a year from the initial sketches to the birth of PURE 1.0.

Based on the successful polyurethane materials Elastopan® and Elastollan® the concept shoe consists of innovative new developments, intelligent material combinations and refined further developments of both products. The manifold applications involve a range from Elastopan®-Climate Control, -Keep Walking and -Gel Comfort to Elastollan®-Supersoft, -Non Woven and -Breathable Film. As a result, the shoe is lightweight, durable, breathable and elastic.

PURE 1.0 demonstrates in an impressive way the enormous design and development potential of polyurethane. "Even experts who know polyurethane well discover new applications and are very interested in our proposals", say Dr. Diedrich Brand and Martin Vallo, the project leaders who made progress with the concept cross-divisionally.


Addition to the Family

The Design Study PURE 1.0 is Followed by Two Further Developments

The PURE family has grown by two members. PURE 1.1 is a consistent further development of the concept shoe and PURE 1.2 demonstrates the utilisation of renewable resources. Watch this animation on components and the used polyurethane applications!

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