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Spray Transfer Molding

What is Spray Transfer Molding?

Simply put, Spray Transfer Molding (STM) is a fast and efficient process to manufacture lightweight composite materials.

The first 60-90 seconds of the process is where the fabric is impregnated outside the mold using a high-pressure spray process, then molded in a compression press. A blank of dry fiber is held by a programmable robot that has an optimized and controlled spray pattern. It is then sprayed using a high-pressure nozzle head atomizing the spray polyurethane, the robot will lay down the impregnated blank into the tool to be fully molded and cured. The process is designed to scale from initial ideation and experiments to actual automotive production components.

Check out the BASF Spray Transfer Molding Robot at our Customer Innovation Center in Wyandotte, Michigan.


What is Spray Transfer Molding?


Spray Transfer Molding Properties


Spray Transfer Molding Applications

What is the benefit of using this technology?

  • The use of sustainable materials such as bamboo and jute as well as other materials with a high content of bio renewable content
  • The process has a high throughput - our low demolding times are the best on the market
  • We have the ability to optimize our design to match OEM specifications
  • Superior technical support plus an open lab facility for prototype production
Díky polyuretanové pěně Elastoflex® od společnosti BASF je poprvé možné vyrábět vnější části automobilů ze struktury voštinového sendviče s folií třídy A. Střešní modul pro standardní model nového Smart fortwo se skládá z papírové voštiny obložené rohožemi ze skleněných vláken. Během impregnačního procesu je na tento kompozit nasprejován Elastoflex® E 3532 s nízkou hustotou, který se aktivuje teplem a celá konstrukce se spolu s celobarevnou fólií a povrchem třídy A slisuje.

Smart Fortwo Exterior Roof

The first exterior car part featuring a honeycomb sandwich structure with a class A film. An example of Spray Transfer Molding technology from BASF.  It is 30% lighter than the standard roof on the previous model.

What type of applications would be suitable?

Spray Transfer Molding can be used in a variety of applications and industries ranging from automotive to construction to consumer to industrial manufacturing.  We have some production applications for automotive that include door interiors, arm rests, load floors, sun shades, hatchbacks and package shelves.  Reach out to us via the form below to discuss your project.

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