Performance Polymers

Ultracom® System

What is the Ultracom® System?



What are the benefits in using the Ultracom® System?

  • Superior overmolding adhesion due to chemically optimized PA6 to PA6 bond
  • Composite and overmolded Ultramid nylon functions as one system, and performs better than overmolded steel while also having a 50% mass savings
  • 100% recyclable system (including the Ultratape and Ultramid overmold) in which the entire part can be ground up for reuse in injection molding

What applications would benefit from using the Ultracom® System?

Basically any structural component can be targeted for the Ultracom® System.  BASF has worked with automotive applications such as seating, front end modules, transmission brackets, body in white structural inserts, rear package shelves, door beams, battery trays and boxes to name but a few.

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