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Introducing IrgaCycle™: Additive solution innovations for mechanical recycling

The plastics industry has a strong mandate to increase sustainability, reduce waste, re-introduce recyclate and enable circularity. As a leading global producer of plastic additives, BASF takes this goal very seriously and is working on a wide range of solutions to advance the circular economy of polymeric material.

With IrgaCycle™ additive solutions, we combine our extensive additive experience with innovation compositions to address the plastic recycling market.  IrgaCycle™ products can help increase the use of recycled polymers in plastic articles, while also improving the quality and performance of the material.

These products are offered as part of the VALERAS™ portfolio to “Close the Loop” on plastic waste.

Join us on the journey:

create new VALue for plastics in the ERA of Sustainability with VALERAS™


Markets / Industries

No matter how plastic application in your industry develops in the future, you can rely on BASF to deliver the plastic additives you need to satisfy your customers


We offer a comprehensive portfolio of light stabilizers, antioxidants, functional additives and waxes.




At BASF Plastic Additives, we are committed to shaping a sustainable future with our stakeholders.


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About Plastic Additives

We are a leading supplier, manufacturer, and innovation partner of plastic additives and also part of BASF’s Performance Chemicals division.

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