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Plastic Additives for Building and Construction

The building and construction sector is currently the second largest consumer of plastics and will increasingly use plastics given their wide functionality and distinct advantage of other traditional building materials in terms of flexibility, lower costs, energy and weathering efficiency and durability.


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BASF’s additives play a major role in bringing plastics to the desired performance level required for long-lasting building and construction applications. BASF provides a portfolio of additives that meet the requirements of “smart” building & construction, triggered by the principles of sustainable solutions (and resource efficiency) aiming for the reduction of the use of primary natural resources in the future and human health protection. The sustainable choice must take into account several important items that are important to reduce human resource footprint:

  • Environmental, health and safety 
  • Circular economy
  • Longer service life: Outstanding weathering and long-term thermal stability that together provide longer lasting, less maintenance, and improved waste management
  • Cost considered over the whole prolonged service life
  • Eco-design

BASF is committed to supporting customers in the new era of sustainability and enable them to create value despite difficult economic conditions with a product range with exceptional sustainability performance:

Incumbent part of BASF’s offering:

  • Product forms depending on the need of your processing equipment
  • Ready-to-use standard blends in various product forms
  • Blends, specific to customer’s request: CSB (Customer Specific Blend)
  • World class product stewardship: Support in FCA questions
  • Special topic: Non-intentionally Added Substances (NIAS) in Drinking Water Pipes
  • World class technical service
  • Unique technical capabilities: UV-Radiation mapping tool
  • Continuous updating of portfolio to better support our customers

A pack of prerequisites and challenges

Disposable and durable packaging carry a variety of requirements, ranging from ease of processing, economical efficiency to food contact compliance and stunning aesthetics.

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