Plastics & Rubber

Plastic Additives for electrical and electronics

Are you ahead of the competition in terms of sustainable design, recyclability, weight reduction and heat management? BASF plastic additive solutions encompass several functional as well as stabilizer innovations to address processing efficiency, antistatic properties, flame retardancy and thermal stabilization for E&E applications.

Electronic equipment needs to remain functional even in harsh environmental conditions, non-stop. For this, quality and reliability of functionality and stabilizers are key. BASF plastic additives provide unique performance for the demanding needs of today's electrical and lighting products such as light weighting, thermal management. BASF’s extensive experience provides custom support in formulating compounds for manufacturing efficiency and product quality.

BASF has broad expertise in stabilization for wire and cable compounds and industrial use. Global regulatory know-how and product specifications are key for being part of this growing application paired with quality performance to meet stringent safety norms and standards. You can rely on BASF for long-term thermal, processing and UV-light stability in quality and product performance.

With decreasing natural resources and growing pressure on our environment, photovoltaics are part of a sustainable solution to address challenges of increasing energy demand. BASF encompasses a complete range of stabilizer systems and halogen-free flame-retardants for long-lasting product performance in harsh climate conditions in various applications.

Protecting critical assets and meeting stringent requirements with electronic housing solutions, enclosures for components, power tools, consumer electronics or white goods, the quality of raw materials are more important than ever before. With BASF unique stabilizer systems, durability and long-term material performance can be achieved for many different polymer materials.

BASF develops, produces and markets innovative additive solutions that enable plastics to meet the requirements of the E&E industry.

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