Plastics & Rubber

Plastic Additives for Packaging and Consumer Goods

Additives play a key role in recyclability and performance for sustainable plastic packaging.

Enable sustainable packaging solutions

Future plastic packaging must contain recycled polymeric material, be highly recyclable, consume less energy and resources, while keeping the same quality standard to protect its contents. The innovation behind IrgaCycle™ additive solutions are designed to increase the use of recycled material while also improving the mechanical properties of the recyclate. 

Collaborate across the entire value chain

Driving a circular economy requires cross-functional and multi-step coordination. BASF's integrated position, ranging from raw material production to formulation, and manufacturing capabilities provides the packaging industry with a unique offering on a global scale.

Design safe solutions with product compliance

Regulatory compliance is of utmost importance in the packaging industry to ensure food safety. BASF tracks material compositions and purity levels to ensure compliance and food contact safety globally. This commitment to regulatory excellence ensures that we provide product quality consistency worldwide. 

Formulation Expertise

Efficient use of ingredients paired with formulation expertise is our clear advantage for customers to design a cost-efficient packaging solution. Interactions between additives, fillers, and pigments can lead to undesired effects including color shifts, unpleasant tastes and odors, and even mechanical failures. Building on more than 70 years of service, BASF continues to provide leading technical consultancy services.

Your partner in sustainable plastic development

BASF offers a wide range of innovative additive solutions for resin suppliers, packaging converters and masterbatch manufacturers, including process, thermal and light stabilizers, as well as polymer modifiers, combined with our unique know-how and extensive regulatory compliance programs.

Take advantage of BASF's long lasting expertise and range of solutions to improve and enhance functionality, durability and performance.

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