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Our product portfolio: New value for plastics

Creating sustainable new value for plastics is the focus of our additive portfolio.  We intend to be the leading supplier of sustainable additives solutions to the plastics market, with exceptional technical performance linked to many environmental and societal benefits.

We offer a wide range of additives that enhance the performance and quality of plastics, from the first use to the final recycling loop. Our portfolio includes Antioxidants, Light Stabilizers, Functional Additives and Waxes and even tailored Customer Specific Blends. In combination, these solutions create new value for plastics.  

Learn more about our different product groups, their features, and applications below.


Light Stabilizer​s

We offer solutions to mitigate plastic degradation exposed to harmful ultraviolet radiation and enabling outstanding service life duration
Polypropylene granule close-up background texture. plastic resin ( Masterbatch).Grey chemical granules for industrial plastic production; Shutterstock ID 1690090318; purchase_order: BASF_PC-002509; job: Plastic Additives Website; client: BASF Plastic Additives; other: Katharina Weber


Antioxidants interrupt the degradation process caused by heat, light and mechanical stress
zinc oxide, white powder used as a fungal growth inhibitor in paints and as an antiseptic ointment in medicine; Shutterstock ID 1927893719; purchase_order: BASF_PC-002509; job: Plastic Additives Website; client: BASF Plastic Additives; other: Katharina Weber

Functional Additives​

Functional additives influence specific properties of the final application by giving new characteristics whilst increasing value.
drops of on glass treat water-repellent in macro lens shot; Shutterstock ID 128441690; purchase_order: -; job: -; client: -; other: -


A broad spectrum of properties can be achieved with synthetic waxes by varying processing conditions and functionalization.

Recycling Solutions

Our plastic additives portfolio can help our customers achieve their sustainability goals.
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Customer Specific Blends​

BASF combines its products and know-how in Customer Specific Blends CSBs to tailor make formulations.

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