Plastics & Rubber

VALERAS™: creating new VALue for plastics in an ERA of Sustainability

At BASF, we are committed to shaping a sustainable future for our stakeholders. This is clearly expressed in our Corporate Purpose "We create chemistry for a sustainable future". For us, sustainable development means the combination of long-term oriented economic success with environmental protection and social responsibility.

The plastics industry is changing rapidly, with growing emphasis on sustainability and plastic waste. The plastic additives we deliver contribute inherently to the sustainability of plastics: making them lighter, stronger, and more durable. We have protected valuable plastics since decades. Beyond that, we constantly innovate to ensure that our production uses less water, customers and workers are exposed to fewer dangerous substances, and our products do not have a negative impact on the environment.

Increasingly our customers and their customers are asking for products that contribute to our mutual sustainability goals. Through our focus on the development of sustainable solutions, our products create additional value for our customers now and in the future. We develop new solutions together with our customers and strive for long-term partnerships that create profitable growth opportunities for both parties. To achieve this, we have bundled our most sustainable products and services on a single platform. The VALERAS™ portfolio allows for resource-efficient use, extended product lifetimes, and more reusable materials and additives for recycled plastics. 

Join us on this journey. Take a look at our customer stories, featured products, and exceptional services to make sustainable plastics a reality.

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