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North America

Performace Materials - for Infrastructure

From roads, railroads, energy and pipeline, to water, buildings and parks; reliable materials for infrastructure are critical for a sustainable future. BASF provides tailor-made solutions tailored for Infrastructure. See below for more information about BASF Performance Materials. 

Oil and gas Cable Protection
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Energy Infrastructure

BASF improves safe, reliable transport and production of energy resources through our diverse infrastructure product portfolio. Specializing in pipeline insulation anf field applied systems, BASF also supplies the industry with coatings, elastomers and pigging materials. 

Elastopor® Pipeline

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Civil Infrastructure



Composites acceptance in infrastructure applicatons continues to grow, with benefits of longer lifetime, lower-weight and overall reduced cost of ownership. BASF offers a multitude of composite technologies including FRP systems, high density rigid foams, and sandwich panel technlogiesand are used in applications ranging from stadiums, bridges, and seawalls to name a few. Considerable weight savings and prefabrication allows faster and safer construction with reduced schedules and risk. 

composite poles.PNG

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Geotechnical Construction


BASF has applied extensive experience and processing know-how in polyurethane systems to develop resilient product solutions for some of the most difficult engineering problems. BASF geotechnical solutions are specifically formulated and extensively tested for applications including concrete & foundation stabilization, void filling large spaces like mines & sinkholes, and erosion control / slope stabilization. 


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Erosion Control 


With rising water levels and increasing storm intensity, resilient construction solutions are vital. BASF innovative materials are effective solutions for water management, erosion control, and slope protection. Elastopor® soil stabilizers bind loose soils to strengthen and prevent settlement. Elastotite® ROCK GLUE is an open-pored revetment solution that maintains structural integrity and can be used in a variety of applications including drainage channels, rain gardens, culverts, shorelines, rivers, railroad beds, and other embankments. 


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Rail Infrastructure

BASF materials are cruicial elements of rail fastening systems. Elastollan® thermoplastic polyurethane exhibits extraordinarily compression set, superior abrasion resistance, and outstanding damping properties. Ultramid nylon grades offer processing advantages and reliable performance for abrasion plate and isolaters. 

For erosion control and railbed drainage, Elastotite ROCK GLUE is an open-pored revetment solution that maintains structural integrity. 


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Protective Coatings

BASF has extensive polyurea and polyurethane formulations that are suitable for a wide range of coating applications that have been proven to deliver protection from corrosion and other elements. Abrasion and water-resistant BASF coatings for tunnels, bridges and manholes, are formulated to both reinforce structural integrity and maximize life span. 

Elastocoat® spray-applied protective coatings can be used in a multitude of demanding environments

coatings spray.PNG

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