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Cellasto®: NVH solutions for industry applications

Across many industries, product quality begins with the reduction of noise, vibration and harshness (NVH). Cellasto®, the well-known special microcellular and compact polyurethane elastomers, offer a custom material solution that delivers the smooth, quiet experience your customers are sure to notice.

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Why innovators choose Cellasto®

Innovators choose Cellasto® for its incredible versatility and performance. From spring elements and friction dampers to seals and end stops, Cellasto® NVH properties extend to a wide range of applications in nearly every industry around the world. Count on us to troubleshoot your design and engineering issues and meet your specifications for NVH performance, weight, package space and durability.

Cellasto® products

  • Spring and shock absorber products that manage high static and dynamic loads
  • Excellent opportunity to replace traditional materials like rubber and steel in shock absorbers, springs and anti-vibration elements
  • Unlimited design, developed and manufactured to your geometric and technical requirements

Cellasto® engineering 

  • Application development engineers who can help you design a broad range of customized NVH solutions for home appliances, power tools, elevators, heavy equipment, and more
  • Custom-made samples with quick turnaround times
  • A global network with local contacts and engineering support for your project developments

Cellasto® global competence 

BASF and the Cellasto® team support your innovations from conception to serial production. Count on BASF as your partner for:

  • Simulation and testing to help you refine your design 
  • Global reach that shortens your development time 
  • New technologies you can leverage for market advantages 

  • Finished and semi-finished parts that accelerate and simplify your solutions 
  • Efficient supply chain management that ensures maximum value 
  • Commercial support that enhances business development and profitability  

Cellasto®: A flexible but indestructible microcellular foam



  • Progressive load deflection behavior
  • High dynamic strength
  • High continuous, static and dynamic loading capacity
  • High volume compressibility with low lateral expansion
  • Extremely low compression set
  • High aging-stability
  • Excellent abrasion resistance


Key advantages of Cellasto®

  • Decoupling for NVH improvement
  • Lightweight and optimized installation space
  • Dynamic performance
  • Friction control
  • Durability

Decoupling for NVH improvement 

With Cellasto®, you have the design freedom to separate any contact point in your application’s infrastructure to measurably reduce NVH. Even the heaviest equipment or the most unique shapes are no match for the versatility of Cellasto®. By effectively decoupling contact points with Cellasto® parts, washing machines are pleasantly quiet, powertools are safer to use, office chairs comfortably adjust, and elevators offer a smooth ride for passengers.


Lightweight and optimized installation space

The high compressibility of Cellasto® means it performs in small spaces. When compression force is applied to the open-cell structure, first the pore volume is compressed, then the material itself is compressed—with extremely low lateral expansion.

In your industrial and consumer product applications, the low compression set of Cellasto® allows parts to fit neatly into tight spaces. The result is smaller, lighter products that are easier to use with less operator fatigue and enhanced safety.


Dynamic performance

The combined high-amplitude and low-amplitude damping of Cellasto® leads to excellent acoustic isolation and vibration performance. With high permitted static deflection rates, Cellasto® parts can reach low natural frequencies, with damping that outperforms traditional materials. 

Cellasto® offers selective damping to absorb kinetic energy and cushion appropriately, which is especially useful in friction dampers and vibration decoupling. As a result, the elevator’s interior cabin is quiet and exceptionally comfortable with a smooth ride for passengers, home appliances give back precious quiet time, and heavy equipment respects the peace.

Interior of a real laundry room with a washing machine at the window at home

Friction control

Instead of engineering complicated or costly solutions, rely on the simplicity of Cellasto® to achieve the optimal friction effect for your application. Specify the installation space, the ideal friction effect of contact points, and BASF engineers will customize a Cellasto® formulation for high-quality, smooth performance. 

Whether it’s a washing machine’s rapid revolutions or the movement of an office chair’s armrest, Cellasto® ensures the desired friction effect that produces ease of operation without added cost or complexity. 

Specify the precise density you need to create just the right amount of softness to fit your application.

Car tires concept on off road. Shock absorber. Offroad car on bad road. SUV race on dirt. Off road vehicle coming out of a mud hole hazard


Your products will last longer with the durability and unique abrasion resistance of Cellasto®. Friction between moving parts won’t compromise its lifetime of impressive NVH performance, so Cellasto® promises greater value.

Products for every Industry


Cellasto® special microcellular and compact polyurethane elastomers simplify your designs to improve your value chain. Use it for NVH reduction in a variety of applications. You’ll be able to produce market-ready goods faster than before, from routine parts to forward-thinking, engineered components.

Cellasto® is everywhere

Meet and exceed your market’s expectations with the versatility of Cellasto® for consumer products, appliances, industrial applications, heavy equipment, and more. 

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We offer our customers a comprehensive range of services with leading technologies and products. Find the service that matches your needs.

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