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Cellasto® reduces NVH for improved elevator operation 

Meet today’s standards for elevator comfort with Cellasto®. This high-performance microcellular polyurethane elastomer reduces noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) ensuring your elevators offer passengers a smooth, quiet ride. 

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Why innovators choose Cellasto® for elevator applications

BASF is your experienced partner in the elevator industry, providing custom-designed and safety-certified components crafted with the outstanding versatility of Cellasto®. Count on BASF’s team of global experts to help you engineer designs that meet your specifications for NVH, safety and performance. 

Elevator overrun buffer

Thanks to advanced formulations of Cellasto® HD, your elevator overrun buffers will have the significantly improved ability to absorb energy. Maintain the same load range with a smaller buffer diameter or gain wider load range with keeping the diameter. Request a customized Cellasto® solution for country-specific standards.


Cellasto Puffer.jpg
elevator engine isolation.jpg

Engine bearing

Control noise and vibration NVH produced by the elevator’s engine with Cellasto®. Cellasto offers outstanding vibration isolation and long-term durability.



Cabin isolator

Reduces the vibration of the pulley beams by decoupling the passenger cabin from the elevator’s hoisting mechanisms.



Rail isolator

Avoid the transmission of operational vibration into the building structure with Cellasto® rail isolators. Design a custom solution to fit your guide rail fixing method.


Rope buffer

Control acceleration peaks with Cellasto® rope buffers at cabin and counterweight during starting and stopping movements. 

roller isolator.jpg

Roller guide mounts

Keep wheels in position and isolate the elevator’s passenger cabin from noticeable wheel vibration. Reduce cost and weight by a simple, customized Cellasto® solution.

- 20%

reduced buffer diameter at same load range 

+ 40%

increased load range at same buffer size 

Cellasto HD Lift Buffer Load range at nominal
speed up to 1 m/s
Load range at nominal
speed up to 0,63 m/s
EU Type Examination 
[D x H]
min Load
max Load
min Load
max Load
Certificate Registered No.
 80x80 - A Ø 80 x 80 mm 45 2298 27 180 700 140 1650 44 208 120 827 24
 80x80 - B Ø 80 x 80 mm 45 2298 48 350 1400 250 3000 44 208 120 827 25
 100x80 Ø 100 x 80 mm 45 2298 49 450 1700 330 3900 44 208 120 827 26
 125x80 Ø 125 x 80 mm 45 2298 50 600 2000 350 4800 44 208 120 827 27
140x80 Ø 140 x 80 mm 45 2339 79 450 1500 300 4500 44 208 120 827 31
 165x80 Ø 165 x 80 mm 45 2298 52 950 3600 700 9400 44 208 120 827 28
 140x110 Ø 140 x 110 mm 45 2298 51 500 3200 400 6000 44 208 120 827 29
 220x80 Ø 220 x 80 mm 45 2339 80 1500 5600 1000 9400 44 208 120 827 30

Cellasto® ensures smooth, quiet elevator performance

Your Cellasto® elevator components will meet today’s expectations of smooth, quiet motion that communicates high-quality performance. With custom solutions co-created with BASF’s team of experts, your innovations will know no limits.

In elevator components where dynamic forces are at work, Cellasto® decouples the critical contact points. Even in small spaces, Cellasto® ensures excellent acoustic and vibration damping. Isolate the passenger cabin and building effectively with Cellasto® as your most versatile solution to reduce NVH.

Business partners in the lift

Cellasto® components offer the following advantages: 

  • Excellent static and dynmaic long-run behavior 
  • High-volume compressibility with minimal lateral expansion 
  • Low dynamic hardening and amplitude-selective damping 
  • Low compression set
  • High-abrasion resistance 
  • Excellent for energy absorption 
  • Resistance to cold, heat and moisture
  • Resistance to oil, grease, ozone and oter important media 

Cellasto® product groups


Cellasto® special microcellular and compact polyurethane elastomers simplify your designs to improve your value chain. Use it for NVH reduction in a variety of applications. You’ll be able to produce market-ready goods faster than before, from routine parts to forward-thinking, engineered components.

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