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Spray foams (interior only)

Elastospray®  spray foam is a closed-cell, rigid polyurethane foam. This is produced by an exothermic reaction between a polyol component and an isocyanate. At the end of the reaction phase, the foam begins to solidify and cure. Spray application of Elastopor H insulating material produces a seamless insulating layer with no joints or gaps and reduces energy loss due to thermal bridging. Elastospray has an extremely low thermal conductivity not achieved by any other conventional insulating material, saving valuable space.

The field of application covers virtually all areas of flat and pitched roofs, ceilings, walls and floors.

Elastospray foam systems are approved by the top building inspection authority in Berlin, the “Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik (DIBt)”. Other European and non-European countries will have their own separate local approvals.

Product group       Polyurethane rigid foam. sprayable  
Application      Insulation of horizontal and vertical interior surfaces of buildings.  
System characteristics       Sprayable, due to a high reactivity, good thermal insulation properties and an excellent adhesion on various substrates  
Fire performance     According to DIN 4102 / NF P92-502
B2 / M
Blowing agents     Carbon dioxide, HFC
Mixing ratio     100 : 100 volumetric  
Reactivity  System dependent,
typical reactivity range 2 - 10 s  
Layer thickness [mm]  Pro layer approximately 50  
Density [kg/m3]   30 - 50