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Your partner for polyurethane 

The application of polyurethane is a process in which both the polyurethane systems and the production parameters are of importance.

The contribution that  BASF Nederland B.V. makes, does not stop with the delivery of polyurethane systems.

Above all, we would like to become your reliable partner.

Purchasing and Production Partner

Each production company has to take both purchasing and production costs into consideration. From a buyer’s point of view you are looking for the lowest priced raw materials. However, from a production manager’s point of view you need raw materials that will allow cutting overall production costs. After all, to a large degree your success depends on your ability to produce at the lowest costs possible. Although low purchasing costs contribute to this it is the best overall solution you should be looking for.

BASF Nederland a partner both to purchasing and production departments. We take both points of view, developing a system in collaboration and advising you as to the specific production processes most suited to your company. In all this our account manager guarantees efficient communication and expert translation of your company-specific needs.

Added value

BASF Nederland B.V. added value lies in its capacity to come up with technical solutions that enable you to be successful with your own customers. While we assist you in looking for the most efficient production method and the raw materials it will need, we also consider its specific application requirements in close collaboration with you.

As a partner of BASF Nederland B.V. you get access to our knowledge in the field of:

  • product specifications
  • production processes
  • machines
  • changing safety and environmental legislation


Only a minority of our business relations have access to R&D facilities. Yet your ability to adapt production processes to the continuously changing demands of your customers and environment determine the success of your company. Environmental protection, for example, requires greater care, while the State enforces stricter legislation all the time.

Timely information from BASF Nederland B.V. keeps our customers up to date on changing international legislation. Our information enables you to take the necessary steps at the right time. This policy allowed us to, for example, play an important role in the search for new products replacing those using CFCs.

We are also in the lead when it comes to use of new environmentally-friendly blowing agents.

Backed by BASF Nederland B.V.’s expertise you can thus present yourself as an innovative supplier!

Better together

Examples of successful cooperation between customers and BASF Nederland B.V.:

One of our German customers manufactures sandwich panels mainly used for cold storage rooms. This client saw demand for thicker insulation layers rise, resulting in an increase in the demoulding time of his existing system.

BASF Nederland B.V. thus developed a new polyurethane foam system with a substantially lower temperature build-up but equivalent performance on other counts. This led to a large decrease in the demoulding time.

The new BASF Nederland B.V. system is ca. 5% more expensive, but it allows our customer to run an extra production cycle and increase his productivity by ca. 12.5%.

One of our Dutch customers is a manufacturer of boilers using polyurethane as insulation in the space between the boiler and the outer mantle. BASF Nederland B.V. developed a system that provided an end product with similar properties at a lower density allowing the customer to use 17% less material while the system only costs 4% more.

One of our German business contacts won a large order for cold storage rooms in the retail sector. However, to carry out the order he had to increase the production capacity of his existing capital equipment without excessive investments.

Tackling the problem along with a supplier of machines, BASF Nederland B.V. introduced a rigid polyurethane foam system whereby, during injection, the catalyst content could be raised continuously.

For the same price the new method increased productivity by 15%.

Another customer, a factory in Belgium that produces mouldings using polyurethane rigid foam for the decoration market, had a thorny problem. Its manufactured products were damaged easily, resulting in a high percentage of rejects. BASF Nederland B.V. solved the problem by developing a new environmentally friendly system thanks to which the surfaces became more scratch resistant. At the same time we decreased the product’s density by some 8%.

Once done BASF Nederland B.V., in co-operation with our customer, further lowered the reject rate through fault analysis and process improvement.

Partner in Quality

The BASF Nederland B.V. quality standard is recognized by the market as one of the highest and most consistent. This explains why reputable manufacturers entrust production of many of their semi-finished products to BASF Nederland B.V. (Toll-blending). We process the raw materials they deliver to their specifications. Both the raw materials and the exclusive semi-finished product undergo BASF Nederland B.V.’s quality checks before we certify them.

An ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification underlines the awareness for quality within our organization. Click here to get them.

Your partner for toll-blending

BASF Nederland B.V. is situated a short distance from the A2 motorway and the ports of Antwerp and Rotterdam. This “Gateway to Europe” location makes BASF Nederland B.V. a first-rate partner for toll-blending activities.

The large production capacity enables BASF Nederland B.V. to provide mixing possibilities for third parties alongside production of its own systems.

Depending on the volume, dedicated mixing tanks as well as storage tanks can be hired. Loading and unloading of the products can be either in bulk or packaged.

The piggable pipe system ensures that these toll-blending activities can continue without contamination whilst producing our own systems.