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On these pages you can find diverse information relating to polyurethanes and/or our company. Information can be found on legislation, products, working methods and services.

What is polyurethane?

No matter what you do, the chances are that you will use products containing polyurethane.

Polyurethane plays a large role in our lives even though we may not know it. Polyurethane is in our car, refrigerator, freezer, boiler and our shoes.

Polyurethane increases our living standard at home, at work and in our leisure time.

Polyurethane is a product which can be used in a wide variety of applications.

BASF Nederland B.V. is specialized in the development of intermediate products for rigid foam, casting systems and coatings.

Rigid polyurethane foam

Rigid foam is a cross-linked polymer with a predominately closed cell structure. Each cell has a closed cell wall so that gas transmission is minimal. Rigid foam has good mechanical properties with respect to its density and the closed cell nature provides a high insulation value.


Polyurethane is based on the polyaddition reaction between a polyol (an alcohol with more than one hydroxyl group per molecule) and a diisocyanate.

The reaction is exothermic. The polymerisation can be influenced by the type of polyol and isocyanate components as well as additives.

The cell formation is obtained by the addition of a blowing agent or inclusion of air. The blowing agent can be an HFC with a low boiling point but also the presence of water in the reacting mixture produces a foaming effect because the isocyanate groups react with water forming carbon dioxide.

Apparent loss of volume

If you produce polyurethane foam, then you will notice that the produced foam weighs less than the total amount consumed by the basic components.

Often is presumed that the weight loss caused by the premature blowing of the physical blowing agents.

Archimedes gives us the scientific explanation:

According to Archimedes' Principle receive a body in a fluid, a lift force. This is equal to the speed of gravity times the density of the liquid or gas, which is located in the body multiplied by the volume of the body.

During the foaming of the reaction mixture, the volume grows enormously. According to the law of Archimedes is the weight loss equal to the weight of the displaced air.

Depending on the density polyurethane foam of the apparent mass may be up to 10% loss (ie a 100 kg mixture of polyol and Isocyanat components provides only 90 kg polyurethane foam).

K-waarde berekening vlakke wand

De k-waarde (warmteoverdrachtscoëfficient) voor een vlakke wand kan worden berekend vanuit:

k = 1 / (1/α1 + d/λ+ 1/α2)

Hierin zijn de waarden voor [α1] en [α2] de warmteoverdrachtscoëfficienten voor de luchtlagen aan beide zijden van de wand. [d] is de dikte van de wand en λ is de warmtegeleidingscoëfficient van het polyurethaanschuim. De waarden van [α1] en [α2] zijn afhankelijk van de omstandigheden (stilstaande lucht, natuurlijke of geforceerde convectie).

Als de waarden van [1/α1] en [1/α2] klein zijn t.o.v. [d/λ], dan kan de k-waarde benaderd worden met: k=λ/d.

De warmtestroom [Q], in W/s, door een vlakke wand volgt uit: Q = k * A * (T1 - T2)

Hierin is [A] de oppervlakte in m², [T1 - T2] is het verschil in temperatuur tussen beide zijden in °C

CE Marking for insulation materials

CE stands for Conformite Européenne, European agreement of conformity. Companies who bring the product into the market must label the product. A complex system set down in several (provisional) product standards.

The following application areas have been designed for the polyurethane branch:

  • for polyurethane/polyisocyanurate laminators the NEN-EN 13615 is available

  • for insulation products for buildings and industrial applications, factory produced, there is a concept standard prEN 14308.
  • for in-situ applications there are several provisional standards such as prEN 14315-1, and prEN 14318 to prEN 14320
  • for insulation of buildings (discontinuous panels) the standard prEN 14509 is in the development stages.
  • for sound insulation, standards are in the development stages.

The diverse standards can be requested via national standard bureaus (for the netherlands NEN (, for Germany DIN ( For back-ground information you can contact the CEN, the technical committee CEN/TC88 (

Closed Loop method

You, as a BASF Nederland B.V. customer, can make use of a collection service for empty packaging. The collection service satisfies the ministry of VROM with respect to packaging an packaging waste as included in the Convenant Packaging II (EG-standard 9462).


Download Closed Loop Request (doctype pdf, 68 kb)

For more information see


The environmental management systems ISO 14001

The beginnings of the environmental management systems at BASF Nederland B.V. go back to 1996, at which time the ISO 14001 did not exist. BASF Nederland B.V. undertook the effort of the then environmental management system based on the B in 7750 to implement the NEN - EN - ISO 14001 standard.

Silent loading areas

All surfaces silent with Elastocoat®

Soundproof floors are composed of different surfaces, but are all overburdened with transportation and come into contact with heat, cold and different fabrics.

Our Elastocoat® spray coatings allow a completely seamless floor on any surface to make. Almost immediately after applying, the product is walkable. The sound damping is adjustable from 2.7 millimeters. These thickness already meets the peak requirement. When measuring a 5 millimeters floor, CINTEC / FOCWA even confirm a value of 54 dB (A). These sound-insulating and wear resistant substrate also reduces rolling resistance. Besides reducing the noise of the truck floor Elastocoat® suitable for loading ramps, pickup truck, vans and trailers. It reduces the sound of roll containers, pallet trucks, forklifts and metal objects. Using our Elastocoat® Coating may help you to get the Piek Certicate sticker .

For more information read the leaflets Acoustics reducing coating (doctype pdf, 418 kb) , or contact us. 

The improvements in a row

In addition to noise reduction for trucks, tailgates, trailers or vans, offers a Elastocoat® flooring the following improvements.

  • Tests give no visible wear. With a wear of 1.1 millimeters after 7500 movements in the rotation rolls testing, only the slip layer of the coating on a wooden base slightly affected. In Britain, BASF Polyurethanes has carried out additional roll tests measurements, even after 40,000 movements a metal coating on the floor only slightly colored, while the aluminum plates as reference lost its profile. Adhesion Testing from CINTEC / TNO study indicate an extremely good bond with. ASTM D1781 peltest wood provides almost 30 [N / mm
  • Less maintenance and a higher residual value of the truck;
  • The coating can also post on an existing floor to be made;
  • The creak and squeak of wood and metal is over and the floor is safer by the adjustable slip-resistant surface;
  • Rust, corrosion and fragmentation on the coated portion of the floor to avoid;
  • The material is tear-bridging and stretched to four times its own length
  • In consultation the floor color is choose able
  • Course meets the floor to the HACCP, occupational health and peak demand;
  • The floor will retain its properties, it is a lasting investment;
  • The noise mostly comes from the natural frequency of the substrate with a coating that changes, making the sound box effect is largely gone;
  • An impervious floor is desirable or necessary? The cleaning, such as a pressure washer, goes smoothly through the seamless and impervious surface;
  • If your floor is extremely heavy load, chemical or mechanical? Besides noise reduction coating prevents the normal damage from sharp edges, rust or corrosion. This prolongs the life of your vehicle.

Peak certificate and sticker

Using our Elastocoat® coating can help you on your transportation a Peak Cream sticker may apply.


Piek certificate

CUR Recommendation

Attaching Elastocoat®


What is walk the talk?

Did you know that 80% of accidents in the industry are behaviour-related and could be avoided just by making a few simple adjustments to the way you work? That is why the member companies of ISOPA (the European Diisocyanate and Polyol Producers Association) have launched an industrywide program called Walk the Talk, aimed at promoting safer use of the chemicals used in making polyurethanes.


The initiative’s objective is to improve health and safety standards across the European polyurethanes industry by raising awareness and increasing understanding of best practice. In turn, this should lead to a positive change in behaviour and a significant reduction in the number of accidents in the workplace.

HR - Isolation

  • High insulation value

  • Energy saving
  • Durable
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Good Process ability
  • Lightweight
  • Moisture resistance
  • Flameproof
  • Fireproof

This combination of product features is summarized in the name HR Isolation (High Efficiency Insulation) and the pay-off "The highest yield per m2."