Performance Polymers


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We help you deliver the future of automotive ingenuity with tailor made solutions that deliver greater design freedom, more comfort and safety as well as fuel efficiency.
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From innovative building insulation products to high quality materials for coastal protection and ground surfaces, we help you succeed with ambitious architecture and infrastructure projects.
Miniature Circuit Breaker

Electronics & Electric

Enineering plastics used in electrical applications (E/E) have to show excellent electrical performance, good mechanical properties as well as high dimensional stability under heat. In daily operation, they have to guarantee insulation and therefore secure handling. They have to reduce fire risk in the event of an electrical defect or exposure to external sources of ignition. With a lot of applications, the plastic is used for designing the exterior of components as well. This is why design requirements, e. g. for surface quality, haptics, and colors, are becoming more and more important.


With us you are in the race to win and move footwear innovation forward. We offer exciting materials for lighter, more durable and high-performance shoes combined with broad design and global market expertise.


Aesthetics, stability and a lot of design possibilities – these are but a few of the advantages to designing and manufacturing furniture with BASF flexible foams and engineering plastics.