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We want to help you accomplish the future of automotive ingenuity with tailor-made solutions that deliver fuel efficiency, greater design freedom as well as more comfort and safety.

Fuel efficiency, lightweight construction, emission reduction, design flexibility, driver assistance systems. These are some of the trends that are driving both you and us. Let us show you how our extensive portfolio of high performance plastics, foams and plastic additives can be used to provide you with tailor-made solutions for the automotive industry.

Plastics are a material of unlimited potential. They are so special because they contribute significantly to our quality of life wherever they are used. This is particularly true for the automotive industry: with their versatile properties and numerous application possibilities, plastics make today’s mobility more efficient and safer, more comfortable and more beautiful. With BASF performance materials and plastics additives, car innovations in construction and design turn from ideas into ideal solutions - addressing the challenges in the automotive industry of today and tomorrow. BASF plastics are fun – just like cars!



Here you can find a variety of plastic solutions for the eMobility:

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Chemistry supercharged – BASF and Hyundai Motor partner for high performance RN30 Concept Car

BASF and Hyundai Motor have partnered once again to present an impressive showcase of emotion and technical substance: The concept car RN30 was created to offer pure driving pleasure on the race track for everybody and features the latest in innovative automotive solutions – driven by BASF. The RN30 combines key solutions from the chemical industry with purposeful aerodynamic design and specialized high-performance technologies. BASF contributes significantly to the concept with lightweight plastics, endless possibilities in design as well as durable and eco-friendly materials.

Further information: www.basf.com/RN30

Key facts & figures

  • BASF’s Automotive driven sales in 2018 are €11.6 billion

  • Leading chemical partner for the automotive industry
    - No. 1 mobile emission catalyst supplier
    - No. 1 in plastic solutions for lightweight
    - No. 2 in automotive OEM coatings globally
    - No. 1 for coolants since 1929

Polyurethanes by BASF for automotive enthusiasts

No matter if for interior, exterior, electronic or powertrain parts – BASF polyurethane systems and thermoplastic polyurethanes can be manufactured into a variety of car applications.


BASF works with customers to provide sustainable products and solutions, which help to achieve its sustainability targets and marekt differentiation. Engineering plastics such as Ultramid can be produced efficiently and save resources during the lifetime of the components. 

In the ChemCycling project, BASF is following a new approach to recycle plastic waste. Partner companies are using thermo-chemical processes to convert the waste into raw materials (e. g. pyrolysis oil) which are fed into the production stream. New chemical products are therefore created on the basis of recycled plastic waste. Chemical recycling can help to reduce the amount of plastic waste sent to landfill sites or for thermal recycling. 

05626_2019  Studio Montageträger Jaguar

Jaguar Land Rover (JLR), a leading automotive manufacturer, developed a plastic front-end carrier prototype for its first electric SUV,
the I-Pace, out of Ultramid® B3WG6 Ccycled Black 00564. As part of JLRs commitment to accelerate closed loop manufacturing across their operations, they are always looking for advances in technology that will help to reduce waste.


Learn more about our ChemCycling™ project

Ultramid<sup>®</sup> Rear Axle Transmission Crossbeam
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