Ultramid® Advanced N (PA,PPA) – the new superhero for engineers

Ultramid® Advanced N is a new polyphthalamide by BASF with an excellent property profile: The compound portfolio, which is based on long alkyl chain polyphthalamides, offers excellent mechanics at elevated temperatures. In addition, the PPA compounds can withstand humidity and contact with challenging media while maintaining their strength. The low water uptake results in a dimensional stability of the plastic parts in humid environments which is among the highest of all polyamides.

No matter if thermostat housing, gear wheel, pumps or LED housing components – with these outstanding properties, Ultramid® Advanced N is the ideal problem-solving material for many demanding applications – the superhero for engineers facing new challenges!


Ultramid® Advanced N – the PPA by BASF for many challenging parts in all industries

Ultramid® Advanced N provides:

  • Excellent mechanics of up to 125°C and in wet or conditioned state
  • Very low water uptake resulting in high dimensional stability and small influence on properties
  • Resistance to many challenging media such as hot oil, coolants, aggressive fuels, acids, calcium or zinc chloride solutions
  • Excellent wear behavior and abrasion resistance
  • Simple processing with a broad parameter window and good flowability
  • Several post-processing options such as welding, laser marking, reflow soldering
Ultramid® Advanced N Properties

BASF has developed the simulation tool Ultrasim® in such a way that parts made of Ultramid® Advanced N can also be simulated.

Ultramid® Advanced N – broad portfolio for specific requirements

BASF is launching Ultramid® Advanced N as a portfolio consisting of different grades to meet customers’ specific requirements. The BASF R&D team is dedicated to continuously developing this portfolio with further customized compounds to extend and improve the products’ fit and performance.

All grades are especially suitable for processing by injection molding.


The initial portfolio consists of the following compounds:

  • Unreinforced: a very tough material with high wear and abrasion resistance
  • Various glass-fiber reinforced grades comprising several combinations of heat stabilization and colors as well as with high flowability or extra toughness
  • Compounds of highest stiffness for outstanding mechanical performance, reinforced either with long glass fibers or carbon fibers
  • Several other special grades: e.g. a UL 94-V0 flame-retardant grade, a mineral-reinforced compound of lowest warpage and high reflectivity


Abdullah Shaikh, Head of PPA Business at BASF, introduced the new product Ultramid® Advanced N at the K 2016 press conference on June 28.

Even more PPAs by BASF!



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