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Sustainability in Furniture

At BASF, we want to help make your sustainable innovation journey faster when it comes to furniture design. We have expanded our portfolio to include innovative materials that support sustainable goals — while still giving furniture designers creative inspirations. 


The Steelcase Flex Perch Stool.  Made with Ultramid® B3EG6 CcycledTM

Ultramid® B3EG6 CcycledTM is an injection moldable polyamide (Nylon) 6 material that is made from a diverted waste stream generated during electronics production.  The waste stream would have been incinerated but instead was used to create a high value, durable product. Learn more about the Steelcase Flex Perch Stool including how to purchase here.

Benefits of Ultramid® B3EG6 CcycledTM:
  • High strength and stiffness
  • Excellent surface finish
  • Same performance as virgin/fossil based material
  • Supports a circular economy by creating a new life from a waste stream
  • Available in standard black, and uncolored,  as well as custom pre-colored

The infographic below shows how the Ultramid® CcycledTM process works for the Steelcase Flex Perch Stool.


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