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    Intermediates for the rubber industry

      A broad range of amines for rubber chemicals and for the tire industry is part of BASF’s comprehensive portfolio of chemical intermediates. We develop, produce and market these intermediates around the world. Through intensive cooperation, joint research, sharing of expertise as well as our intelligent solutions and high-value products, we help our customers to be more successful. Please find more about the high performance tackifier Koresin® and building blocks for vulcanization accelerators.

      Photo: Tire with BASF Koresin inside

      Koresin®: High Performance Tackifier for the Rubber Industry

      Part of BASF's rubber chemicals portfolio is the tackifier Koresin®. It is the industry benchmark with regard to superior tack performance, processing flexibility, reliability, high quality and uniformity.

      Koresin® is successfully applied in the manufacturing of quality and premium tires in OEM, replacement and re-treading as well as industrial and technical rubber goods.

      Our customers benefit from our expertise with Koresin® which extends back more than 70 years. They also benefit from the outstanding advantages of Koresin®: It provides high initial and long-term tackiness to rubber compounds and it is compatible with all current rubber formulations. Koresin® allows adjustment of tackiness according to the processing needs, thus delivering reliable tack at all desired levels.

      Koresin® is available worldwide through BASF or its partners. Please contact us for further information.

    Photo: Walter Reppe in his laboratory

    Koresin® keeps wheels turning

    Building blocks for vulcanization accelerators

    BASF’s Intermediates division also produces two building blocks for vulcanization accelerators applied in the rubber industry:


      Study: World Markets for Rubber Tackifiers

      See the study “World Markets for Rubber Tackifiers” published by Notch Consulting, Inc. in January 2015. It provides an analysis of the global market for tackifiers used in the tire and rubber industry.