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BASF Performance Materials – this is what is needed to live eMobility

The key to manufacture feasible eMobility applications lies in material performance. Take a look at our plastic materials solutions for battery components, charging infrastructure, electric powertrain, thermal management, electric motor, connectors and cable management as well as Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH).

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➡️Explore our highly efficient battery components for eMobility.

Battery Components

Highly efficient battery systems are key to the success of electromobility. Individual components need to meet high-performance standards during driving and in the event of damage or accidents. Therefore, any material used needs to be carefully assessed by its flame retardancy, electric isolation, thermal conductivity, and cooling compatibility. Our Ultramid®, Ultramid® Advanced, Ultradur®, Elastollan®, Elastan® and Elastolit® material families meet your specifications for high performance battery components.

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Our charging infrastructure components for eMobility offer excellent mechanical performance.

Charging Infrastructure

Charging infrastructure components for eMobility must exhibit excellent mechanical performance at elevated temperatures and high dimensional stability, to stand demanding conditions while offering safety, UV-stability  and long-lasting durability for color and surface finish. With our Ultramid®, Ultramid® Advanced, Ultradur®, and Elastollan® materials your charging infrastructure components will stand the test of time and meet the most ambitious requirements.


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BASF's products such as Ultramid or Ultradur will push your electric powertrains forward.

Electric Powertrain

From high voltage housing for power electronics, to fuse boxes, connectors, and inlets – flame retardancy, electric isolation, heat aging, and orange colorability are key criteria for any material consideration. Whether you are looking for solutions for fuel cell, battery powered or hybrid vehicles, BASF's Ultramid®, Ultramid® Advanced, Ultradur®, and Elastollan® grades will move your electric powertrains forward. All are available as flame retardant grades, among them non-halogenated flame-retardants.


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Thermal Management

Thermal management is crucial for electric engines. Components like water pumps, heaters, fittings as well as pipes benefit from the excellent media resistance, the leak tightness and compatibility with many coolants of BASF’s polyamide Ultramid® and the products in the polyphthalamide portfolio of Ultramid® Advanced. With these high-performance materials, laser welding is also possible.


Check out our Virtual Car and discover our eMobility materials for Thermal Management:

Our materials are capable of advancing your electric powertrains, whether you need solutions for fuel cell, battery powered or hybrid vehicles.

Electric Motor

The electric motor is the heart of every electric vehicle. Motor housings and motor carriers as well as delicate components such as the stator, rotor, rotor end caps, busbar holders, and connectors function reliably thanks to the engineering plastics Ultramid® Advanced (PPA), Ultrason® (PSU, PESU, PPSU), and the long glass fiber-reinforced Ultramid® Structure from BASF. They are characterized by high temperature and media resistance, excellent strength, and electrical compatibility – and are all available as flame-retardant grades.


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Browse through our Noise, vibration & harshness materials.

Noise, Vibration & Harshness (NVH)

The way a product feels, looks, and sounds impacts how consumers perceive its quality. Noise and vibrations play a part in shaping the driving. In order to meet the growing expectations for vehicle performance, BASF offers Cellasto®, Basotect®, Elastoflex®, and Elastollan® which provide effective high-frequency decoupling, noise insulation, and soundproofing.


Explore our Virtual Car to see where our materials make a difference in NVH:

Check out our product range offering excellent electrical insulation, outstanding flame retardancy, and hydrolysis resistance, while also meeting the relevant IEC standard for risk and quality management.

Connectors, Cables & Cable Management

Wherever electricity flows, plastics must have excellent electrical insulation, outstanding flame retardancy, and hydrolysis resistance, while also meeting the relevant IEC standard for risk and quality management. For sealed connectors, compatibility with liquid silicone (LSR) is of great importance. Are you looking for extrudable products or materials that are permanently colored orange? You will find it all in our product range, consisting of Ultramid®, Ultramid® Advanced, Ultradur®, and Elastollan®.

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