Performance Polymers

Keep a clear view with the new Ultradur® for

commercial cooling appliances

Our Ultradur® is the ideal sustainable material for profiles used for commercial refrigerators and freezers with glass wings or glass fronts. Heat loss through the profile is significantly reduced and additional heating to prevent condensation or fogging is unnecessary. 

A new grade of Ultradur® B4040 G11 HMG HP green 75074 has been specifically developed as a high performance material that can replace steel or other metals in extruded profiles. This heavy-duty, co-extrudable material with 55% glass fibers enables excellent insulation values while maintaining sufficiently low thermal deflection of the profile. Condensation on the profiles can be avoided. This is a sustainable solution, as the special color allows easy shredding and optical sorting at the end of the service life.

Key benefits of Ultradur

  • Substitutes metal reinforcement in door sash/frame profiles
  • Improves Energy Efficiency
  • Avoids using a heating system in sash/frame

Sustainability, recycling and climate protection

  • Better insulation values thanks to lower thermal conductivity than steel
  • Higher energy efficiency due to replacement of steel, additional space for more chambers or a PU-insulation and avoidance of a heating
  • Polymer separation is also possible in near-infrared
  • Allowing either profiles with more chambers or an additional PU-foam for further increased insulation
New Ultradur® grade improves the insulating properties of window profiles. Application example of Ultradur (green) in a PVC window profile, produced in co-extrusion process.

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