Tailor-made materials for a long-lasting, solid and weather-resistant automotive exterior

From headlamp housings via door handles to the roof – BASF´s engineering plastics, polyurethanes and additives offer for all exterior applications the right combination of lightweight, appearance, functionality and system costs.

Elastolit<sup>®</sup> Automotive Window

Polyurethanes and Engineering Plastics

BASF´s plastics portfolio covers a wide range of materials for the automotive exterior: Elastolit® R and COLO-FAST® R are polyurethane systems for flat and complex components like glass roofs, body panels and structural components. The engineering plastics Ultradur® and Ultramid® as well as the thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) Elastollan® enable long-lasting components that are UV and weather resistant, withstand high temperatures and show attractive design.

Our versatile PU systems and engineering plastics for the automotive exterior

With their versatile properties and unlimited applications possibilities, our PU systems can make the automotive exterior safer, lighter and more robust. BASF polyurethanes can be adjusted to many different densities, they can be flexible or stiff and they are resistant to hot and cold temperatures. The engineering plastics Ultramid® and Ultradur® combine strength and stiffness with good UV-stability, resistance to agressive media and good surface quality especially for different kinds of attached parts and their special requirements.

Possible applications for our PU systems and Engineering Plastics for the automotive exterior

Whatever your specific needs for your exterior application or attached part: BASF connects new material developments and services in order to create system solutions which give your exterior application the distinctive advantage, look and durability.

Application in a serial vehicle: Airbumps® in the Citroën C3

Optimum combination of design and safety

After the technology was introduced as standard in the Citroën C4 Cactus, the automotive manufacturer PSA Peugeot Citroën uses the TPU grade Elastollan® AC 55D10 HPM (High Performance Material) for cladding the Citroën C3 with so-called Airbumps®. These are large air-filled cushion bumpers: They are fitted on the sides as well as on the front and rear of the vehicle, protect the car exterior from impact and scratches and give the vehicle its distinctive look.

Competence in lighting components

New lighting technologies and design elements raised the challenges for headlights and the materials in vehicles. With a wide range of engineering plastics, BASF keeps pace with the latest development. Spot on for a variety of Ultradur® grades for the housing, bezel and LED module frame or the thermal resistant Ultrason® for reflectors.

Housing, Lighting

Plastic Additives

Exterior plastic parts for bumpers, rocker panels, fenders and tailgates increase impact resistance, improve design options for better styling and reduce air resistance. Plastics also enable various functions to be integrated into a single part, resulting in lower manufacturing and assembly cost.
Resistance to weathering is a crucial requirement for exterior plastic parts. BASF’s range of light stabilizers maintains the appearance and mechanical properties of a vehicle by providing protection against degradation.

Vehicle windows and windshields are becoming larger and panoramic roofs are growing in popularity. The impact properties of the windshield are provided by a polymer interlayer requiring a light stabilizer system. BASF light stabilizers protect the interior of the vehicle from damaging ultraviolet light. To meet the stringent long-term requirements in automotive, Polycarbonate (PC) applications such as glazing require dedicated light stabilization. BASF’s Tinuvin®, Chimassorb® and Uvinul® light stabilizers protect head and taillights, glazing and laminated windows against all sorts of weather conditions that lead to loss of mechanical properties and discoloration of surfaces. Therefore, they help increase safety, durability and appearance of vehicles.

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