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Not only the digitalization is gaining in importance but also sustainability. Plastics are an essential part of our modern lives. At the same time, they have become one of the most discussed topics worldwide.

At Fakuma we invite you to discuss with us new innovations in the plastic industry from October 12-16. After the fair you can book an appointment with our experts – virtually.

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Not live on site - but always live!

We know that some of you can not join us this year at Fakuma in Friedrichshafen -  but we want to bring you along.  Through our LinkedIn Event you are always up to date and can be excited for little LiveStreams from the fair.



This year's topics at Fakuma

The public is thinking more than ever about how plastics are used and why. Together with customers and partners, BASF has set itself the goal of a circular economy in which raw materials are conserved, plastic waste is reduced to a minimum and materials can develop their full potential during use. 

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The whitewater river Steyr next to a paved road. The water is still blue from the melting snow in the montains in springtime. Location: next to the small ski resort Hinterstoder in the "Totes Gebirge" area in Upper Austria.


Creating high-performance innovations is your passion? Improving your environmental footprint with sustainable products is your urgent priority? Together with us, building a net-zero future can be our reality.
New Ultradur® grade improves the insulating properties of window profiles. Application example of Ultradur (green) in a PVC window profile, produced in co-extrusion process.


This unique grade of Ultradur® can be co-extruded with PVC and is extremely stiff. This pushes the limits of PVC profiles to new heights.

Mechanical Recycling of PE/PA Films 

Multilayer films based on Polyethylene/Polyamide 6 (PE/PA6) are certified to be recycling compatible for the PE film stream.

ChemCycling – Ultramid® Ccycled

BASF supports your sustainable solutions with its new Ultramid Ccycled products.

Ultramid® Flex F38 – biobased

BASF’s new bio-based Copolyamide creates new opportunities for a circular economy.


Regulatory changes will challenge the appliance industry. Go with our materials to answer these challenges.


High performance, high durability and high standards of safety – that is what you get with our materials for power tools.


Our solutions drive you for lighter and more sustainable plastics packaging .
3D_Prinited_Tools _Molds.png

3D Printing

BASF offers the world’s largest portfolio of 3D printing materials for standard as well as high-demanding applications under the brand Forward AM - ranging from AM powders and filaments to photopolymers. Learn how to benefit from 3D printing and let BASF's experts support you in designing, testing, printing and post-processing your specific application.

Simulation Engineering

Ultrasim® is BASF's unique simulation framework, combining material know-how with design and processing expertise for plastic and foamed parts. Our integrative simulation approach for thermoplastic materials increases simulation precision since more than 20 years. Together with our foaming simulation and the new webtools, we offer a broad portfolio to support you.

Parts Validation

BASF provides extensive support by experimental methods for parts validation and optimization including joining technologies. This support,  represented by the brands Ultratest® and Ultrajoin®, is provided worldwide. Our experts perform a wide range of tests according to  application-specific requirements.

Elastollan® (TPU)

Elastollan® features an extraordinary property profile combining elasticity with resistance over a wide range of temperatures.  Elastollan® N is the biobased grade within the TPU family and performs equivalent to the fossile based grades.
man try to solve a labyring on a chalkboard

Ultramid® Advanced (PPA) 

On this year’s Fakuma, Ultramid® Advanced features fuel cell parts and shows the possibilities for consumer electronics manufactured with Surface Mount Technology (SMT).

Ultrason® (PSU, PESU, PPSU) 

Ultrason® is ideally suited for a broad range of high-performance applications in a lot of industries – from transparent water bottles and catering gear with marbling effect right through to chemically resistant powertrain oil parts and heat-resistant automotive reflectors.

Plastic Additives

Our additives improve the processing and product properties of plastics and are therefore a problem solver for complex tasks in almost all areas of plastic processing. 

Meet the expert from October 18 - 29, 2021 !

After the fair you have the opportunity to discuss with our experts about your favorite topics surrounding transportation, sustainability, appliances and many more! Are you interested? Book your meeting here!


Andreas Wollny



Oliver Geiger

Sustainability Automotive


René Holschuh

Automotive Powertrain


Thomas Bayerl

eMobility/ E&E


Thomas Mathieu

PU Automotive


Mark Staniford

PU Automotive


Patrick Frey

E&E/ eMobility/ Automotive Engineering Plastics


Kay Brockmüller

Construction – Ultradur Co-extrusion


Tatiana Ulanova

Packaging/ Extrusion Engineering Plastics


Mark Ottens 

Thermoplastic Polyurethane



Sebastian Wagner

Sustainability Appliance and Powertools



Albert Camp

Consumer Furniture and Packaging



Maximilian Lehenmeier

Product Development Engineering Plastics



Sebastian Allinger

Technical Development – Appliance, Powertools, Sport, Leisure



Carsten Junghans

Global Business Development Ultrason



Kai Beringer

Simulation Expert: Nonreactive Process Simulation (Moldflow)



Jochen Schmid

Ultrason® Water, E/E, Healthcare



Georg Grässel

Ultrason® Household, Bottles



Thomas Hohenstein

Structural Simulation Expert



Andre Schäfer

Ultramid® Advanced Expert


Cinzia Tartarini

Additive for TPU


Ekaterina Troussard

Plastic Additives


Gazi Tuerkoglu

Plastic Additives
IrgaCycle, Recycling


Oliver Reich

Plastic Additives
IrgaCycle, Recycling


Raphaël Dabbous

Plastic Additives


Marina Leed

Plastic Additives
Sustainability, VALERAS, IrgaCycle


Rainer Xalter

Plastic Additives
Automotive, IrgaCycle


Zach Dowling

Sustainability, VALERAS, IrgaCycle


Jean-Roch Pauquet

Plastic Additives


Cinzia Tartarini

Plastic Additives
Additive for TPU


Zach Dowling

Plastic Additives
Sustainability, VALERAS, IrgaCycle

You want to know more? Here you can find our press releases.


Fakuma 2021 – BASF opens up endless possibilities with a variety of sustainable plastics solutions

  • Together with customers and partners, BASF develops plastics for a circular economy
  • BASF's innovations keep pace with trends and time and contribute to net zero emissions across industries

The new star among the standards – the heat-stabilized Ultramid®

  • Innovative heat stabilization convinces with heat resistance up to 190 °C degree in demanding environments
  • PA6 GF30 meets requirements for use in hybrid and electric powertrains and is now commercially available

BASF, L&L Products and Stellantis collaboraten for lightweight success on the 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee L

  • Composite tunnel reinforcement wins Altair Enlighten Award
  • 40% weight reduction compared to previous version

Ultrason® P for bottles: tailor-made for all relevant processing methods

  • With the BASF polyphenylsulphone (PPSU) portfolio, bottles can be manufactured by injection stretch blow molding, extrusion blow molding and injection molding
  • For safe and robust bottles in numerous designs, shapes and colors
  • Bottles showcased on BASF booth at CHINAPLAS 2021

New high-flow Ultramid® Advanced for thin-walled connectors enables higher power and data throughput in electronic applications

  • Extremely low moisture uptake, excellent toughness and dimensional stability at high temperatures of new BASF polyphthalamide ensure stable performance during post-processing by surface mount technology
New IrgaCycle™ additive solutions are tailored to improve the properties of mechanically recycled plastics for different target industries

IrgaCycle, new additive solutions for mechanical recycling

  • Improves the properties of mechanically recycled plastics for different target industries
  • Newest addition to VALERAS, BASF’s brand for its plastic additives portfolio that enables customers to achieve their sustainability goals