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Elastopir® (PU) : The insulation material with effective fire protection

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On 21.03.2023, BASF SE and Systemhouse s.p.r.l. have agreed to settle their pending lawsuit in which BASF claimed infringement of its patent protected adhesion primer technology for PIR sandwich panels protected by European Patent EP 1 516 720 B1. Systemhouse s.p.r.l. has taken a license for the asserted patent familiy and respects BASF's Intellectual Property.

Elastopir® is BASF's brand for polyurethane rigid foam systems based on Polyisocyanurate (PIR). It has been developed to meet growing demands for composite panels with fire-protection properties, thus making it possible to build industrial buildings as well as cold stores that are both energy-efficient and fire safe. In residential buildings, insulation boards with flexible facings such as aluminium foil or mineral fleece and a core of Elastopir® are also used. The main areas of application here are pitched and flat roof insulation as well as cavity wall and floor insulation


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Key Advantages of Elastopir®

  • Effective fire protection
  • Excellent mechanical and thermal properties
  • High-performance insulation even with low material thickness
  • Low lambda value 

Elastopir® enables future orientated, safe and economic construction in different areas of application. 

Elastopir® Biomass Balance

BASF has established ambitious climate protection goals. To meet our targets we are striving to offer more sustainable product solutions. Without compromising in quality and performance!

Our insulation product Elastopir® Biomass Balance for sandwich panels helps customers to develop sustainable solutions and deliver high-quality products while reaching the defined sustainability goals.


Sustainability Performance:

  • Fossil resources are replaced by 100% renewable raw materials within the BASF Biomass Balance approach for Elastopir® BMB
  • With Elastopir® BMB greater resource efficiency is achieved with a substantial reduction of greenhouse gas emissions 
  • Elastopir® BMB combines renewable resources with the same high performance and identical properties than fossil based products
  • The sustainable feedstocks of Elastopir® BMB are certified by REDcert2  
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Are you planning to make your construction project sustainable?

With the Biomass Balance approach from BASF you can save resources already in the production process. Our customer Roma Dämmsysteme produces sandwich panels in the BMB process. In Bavaria, a new production hall has been constructed, using exclusively panels manufactured in the BMB process.

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Elastopir®  - Product properties that set new benchmarks 



Elastopir® polyurethane rigid foam systems are ideally suited for industrial buildings and cold stores. They provide very low thermal conductivity as well as excellent mechanical properties based on specific needs.    

Produced with the aid of special PIR catalysts, polyisocyanurate (PIR) structures are particularly heat resistant and with an improved burning behavior. On exposure to flames, the PU foam carbonizes, smoke is being reduced and structures behind it are protected. 

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Superb fire resistance

Composite panels manufactured Elastopir® rigid foam have successfully achieved both 30- and 60-minutes fire resistance when tested in accordance with EN 13501-2. (classification REI 30 with 100 mm und REI 60 with 200 mm). In addition, HFC-blown Elastopir® panels have passed the demanding criteria of FM 4880 class 1, 4881, 4882 and 4471 as well as other well-known fire tests.

Elastopir® Blue – Better lambda, better u-value, better efficiency


Elastopir® Blue is a new polyurethane rigid foam solution with a low lambda value (down to λD = 19 mW/m ∙K) that achieves exceptional standards of energy efficiency.

Good product properties – better thermal insulation

Highly energy-efficient construction elements have a positive effect on the environment in the construction sector. With Elastopir® Blue as the core material, it is possible to produce thinner panels with significantly improved insulation performance. The polyurethane system’s optimized cell structure yields a core material with superlative mechanical properties and a high surface quality. The quantity of blowing agents used is optimally adapted to customer-specific requirements. In addition, Elastopir® Blue features excellent fire protection properties, which is also possible free of halogens.

The applications are as manifold as its product properties: Explore the various application possibilities of Elastopir® and Elastopir® Blue.

Better Technology – Better Foam

Many components are crucial for superlative quality in the production of polyurethane sandwich elements. The patented rake technology of BASF makes the production of polyurethane sandwich panels more stable and more cost-effective. With its modular design, the patented rake replaces conventional laydown devices and can be adapted precisely to the construction panel being produced.

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Elastopor® Panel production

Elastopir® in application - read our case studies

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