Performance Polymers

BASF Infopoints for Engineering Plastics, Thermoplastic Polyurethanes und PU Systems

Do you have questions about our engineering plastics or polyurethanes? Contact us.


We support you with technical questions regarding engineering plastics, thermoplastic polyurethanes and PU systems of BASF. We provide product information, processing recommendations and further technical information.


For efficient processing of your request we offer different infopoints depending on plastic material. You can choose from the following:

Ultra Infopoint
PU Infopoint
Elastollan<sup>®</sup> Infopoint

Engineering Plastics

Ultramid®/Capron® (PA)
Ultradur® (PBT, PBT + ASA)
Ultraform® (POM)
Ultrason® (PSU, PESU, PPSU)



Polyurethane Systems

Isocyanates and Polyols
Elastoflex® (Soft foams)
Elastopor®/-pir® (Rigid foams)
Elastolit® (solid)


Thermoplastic Polyurethanes