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Are you looking for support to develop sustainable innovations using plastics and foams? BASF’s trailblazing computer-aided engineering (CAE) competence Ultrasim® is here to help! First launched in 1999, Ultrasim® has generated an impressive track record of assisting customers across all industries in developing sustainable innovations. Our global network of simulation experts continues to push the boundaries of what is possible in CAE simulation and will help you find the optimum solution for your challenge. 


Ultrasim® is the leading Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) solution that specializes in numerical simulations for components and processes using BASF plastics and foams. It boasts a wide range of functionalities:

  • Ultrasim® is a powerful and modern material modelling tool 

  • Ultrasim® can be linked to different finite element solvers  

  • Ultrasim® is a material data visualizer 

  • Ultrasim® is a collection of software tools 

Since 1999, Ultrasim® has continuously been a pioneer in advancing simulation technology, particularly in the field of integrative simulation for plastic applications. The innovative approach has revolutionized the design, manufacturing, and optimization of plastic components, leading to improved product quality, increased efficiency, and reduced time-to-market.

Ultrasim® can assist you in various ways: It enables the virtual calculation of component concepts, ranging from virtual prototyping and ideal manufacturing processes, all the way to the final mass-produced component. 

With its strong focus on integrative simulation, Ultrasim® allows for better prediction of mechanical properties, optimization of manufacturing processes, and early identification of potential issues during the development phase. 

By utilizing Ultrasim®, you can enhance your product quality, improve efficiency, reduce costs and the product carbon footprint, and achieve sustainable production, ultimately leading to greater success in your innovations using BASF plastics.

If it comes to virtual engineering, Ultrasim® is the way to go. If you want to develop a part or if you have a new idea where BASF materials can play a role, we can support you with engineering and simulation knowledge, design know-how and our holistic view which integrates material, process and part design.  
Regardless of whether you’re already a BASF customer or not: if you’re interested in Ultrasim® services, please get in touch!

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You need help with Integrative Simulation, Material Modelling and Data, Static and Dynamic Mechanical Simulation, Injection Molding Simulation or Polyurethane Simulation? 

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Integrative Simulation

Integrative Simulation
  • Integratively simulate parts using reinforced plastics or reactive PU-foams

Material processing has a big impact on part performance. Before a structural load case can be studied, a process simulation needs to be performed. Ultrasim® is the pioneer in integrative simulation for plastic and foam applications, focusing on the impact of material processing on part performance. Since 1999, we have been providing comprehensive simulations for SFRPs (short fiber reinforced plastics), reactive PU foams, and particle foams, optimizing design and production processes for high-quality plastic components.

Explore more about integrative simulation

Material Modelling and Data

Predict material behavior accurately with Ultrasim's® material modeling and data. Explore specialized models for fatigue, creep, cyclic loading, thermomechanics, and more.
  • Simulate with material data for process and structural simulations 

  • Provide material models for specific applications like fatigue, creep, cyclic loading, and thermomechanics

Ultrasim® offers an extensive range of material data from BASF's product portfolio, including Ultradur®, Ultramid®, Ultraform®, Ultrason®, Elastolit®, Elastollan®, and more. This data is utilized for both process and structural simulations, enabling accurate predictions of material behavior. Ultrasim® also provides specialized material models for specific applications, such as fatigue, creep, cyclic loading, and thermomechanics, ensuring a comprehensive analysis for various scenarios.

Check out material modelling and data 

Static and Dynamic Mechanical Simulation

Improve product quality and reduce development times with Ultrasim®'s mechanical simulation. Analyze and optimize component performance for improved structural integrity.
  • Analyze and optimize structural integrity and performance of components and parts

Ultrasim® enables comprehensive static and dynamic mechanical simulation, allowing you to analyze and optimize the structural integrity and performance of components and parts for improved product quality, reduced development times, and ultimately cost savings. Two major characteristics of Ultrasim® are fundamental for its high accuracy: First, its unique material model considers most of the specific properties of thermoplastic materials, such as anisotropy, strain rate sensitivity, tension-compression asymmetry, and temperature dependency. Second, it uses an integrative approach by using fiber orientation information from the process simulation to determine material anisotropy in each integration point of the mechanical simulation model.

How to analyze and optimize the performance of components and parts

Injection Molding Simulation 

Revolutionize your injection molding process with Ultrasim®'s advanced simulation tools. Optimize tool design, mold troubleshooting, and the molding process for efficient and effective production.
  • Part and mold design
  • Optimize molding process
  • Process and mold troubleshooting

Injection molding simulation utilizes advanced tools and techniques to assist with tool design, optimize the molding process, and troubleshoot mold-related issues. It helps ensure efficient and effective production by analyzing factors such as filling behavior, pressure behavior, and early identification of potential issues during the development phase.

How to support tool design, optimization, and troubleshooting

Polyurethane Simulation

Unlock the full potential of polyurethane simulation for tool design, optimization, and predicting part properties. Discover how Ultrasim®'s advanced PU simulation tools can help you identify issues early on and optimize the foaming process.
  • First-time-right part and process design
  • Accelerated mold prototyping
  • Trouble-shooting of foaming processes
  • Predicting part performance 
We support you to optimize your PU foaming process and mold regarding robustness and performance. Our in-house simulator predicts the flow and expansion of our PU foams in your mold. Issues like the formation of voids or thermal hot spots can be avoided by design before the first prototype is manufactured. We predict the density distribution in the mold and its impact on the mechanical and insulation performance of your part.

How polyurethane simulation helps with tool design and optimization

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