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All industries benefit from the versatility of polymeric materials to solve industrial and environmental challenges and deliver best quality to consumers. In automotive, plastics of different nature are used in interior, exterior and under the hood and require unaltered performance during the vehicle lifetime.  This outstanding durability provided by Plastic Additives is optimized for applications in construction where architectural glazing or roofing membranes require more than 30 years of guarantee.

Functional textiles are also used in civil engineering as well as technical surfaces for landscaping or sport surfaces. Plastic Additives in materials like electric and electronic applications advantageously maintain anti-static protection or high dielectric properties for energy transportation cables to name a few examples.

The food industry is similarly benefiting from the use of plastic materials. It starts with the production of vegetables or fruits in highly efficient agriculture greenhouses which are designed with specific film additives to enable organic farming production with the minimum use of materials, combining downgauging and durability extension. But plastics in packaging are also widely used to protect food, extend food lifetime to decrease spoilage, and ensure optimal food quality and safety to consumers.

Abstract agricultural area - early vegetable cultivation, aerial view


The use of durable, reinforced and functional plastics in agriculture is a secure way of increasing output and enhancing crop quality in a challenging environment due to climate change.


Automotive / Mobility

BASF’s portfolio of plastics additives enables our customers to meet the new challenges induced by the changes in the mobility market.


Building & Construction

BASF’s additives play a major role in bringing plastics to the desired performance level required for long-lasting building and construction applications.


Electrical & Electronics

BASF develops, produces and markets innovative additives that enable plastics to meet the requirements of the E&E industry.

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Textiles & Fibers

Our technical know-how and product portfolio help tackle the toughest plastic additives challenges of the synthetic fiber industry.

Display of fresh plastic wrapped yellow, orange and red cherry tomatoes; Shutterstock ID 1085233847; Jobnummer: 0907000; Projekt: K-Messe; Endkunde: BASF SE, EV/K, Katja Homburg; Sonstiges: BASF SE, ESI/K Herr Baque

Packaging & Consumer Goods

BASF’s extensive experience and range of solutions help customers in the industry enhance functionality, durability and design of packaging.

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As BASF, we aim to be the partner of choice in connecting ideas and accelerating recycling and reusability based on our extensive experience.


Electronics and Electrical

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