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All industries benefit from the versatility of polymeric materials to solve industrial and environmental challenges and create a sustainable future. In automotive, plastics of different nature are used in interior, exterior and under the hood parts and require unchanging performance during the vehicle lifetime. The outstanding durability provided by Plastic Additives is optimized for applications in construction where architectural glazing or roofing membranes require more than 30 years of guarantee.

Functional textiles are used to enhance landscaping or sport surfaces. Plastic Additives in materials like electric and electronic applications maintain anti-static protection or high dielectric properties for energy transportation cables.

The food industry also benefits from the use of plastic materials. It starts with the production of vegetables or fruits in highly efficient agriculture greenhouses which are designed with specific film additives. Plastics in packaging are also widely used to protect food, extend food lifetime to decrease spoilage, and ensure optimal food quality and safety to consumers.

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