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A broad portfolio of resins is needed to cover the diverse Industrial Markets – from engineering plastics (POM, PBT, PA, rPET), to polyurethane systems and thermoplastic polyurethanes (TPU) and much more. See our products below:

Hot and cold cast polyurethane systems.  MDI and TDI isocyanates with polyester, polyether and polycaprolactone polyols.  Customize curatives and chain extenders.  Typical applications for wheels & tires, mining screens and scrapers, sheet and belting.

A full range of polyurethane and polyurea coatings to meet the requirements of applications from mining and dunnage to truck bed liners.

Multiple polyurethane systems available for RIM/RRIM as an alternative to thermoplastic and other thermoset systems.

Rigid polyurethane foam systems with low thermal conductivity and structural stiffness for hot/cold insulation applications and form liners.

Polyurethane integral foam systems providing tough durable outer skin and lightweight flexible foam core in multiple densities.  Typical applications for dunnage, instrument panels and arm rest/control stations on construction, mining or agricultural equipment.

Flexible foams available in a wide range of densities for cushioning and noise, vibration and harshenss (NVH) management with excellent adhesion to PVC, ABS and PU substrates.

Ultradur is BASF’s brand name for its line of partially crystalline, thermoplastic, saturated polyesters derived from polybutylene terephthalate (PBT).  They are employed as materials for high-quality technical components such as modular conveyor rods and belt materials.

Ultraform is the brand name for BASF’s polyoxymethylene product range. It comprises engineering plastics designed for use in sophisticated components. Ultraform is suitable for many applications in food processing such as stock sheets for safety guards and modular conveyor belts, rods and sprockets.

The engineering plastic Ultramid is based on PA6 and PA66 as well as on various co-polyamides such as PA66/6.  The range also includes PA610 and partially aromatic polyamides such as PA6T/6.  Ultramid is noted for its high mechanical strength, stiffness and thermal stability.

Ultramid Advanced N is a polyphthalamide (PPA) with an excellent property profile: The compound portfolio offers excellent mechanics at elevated temperatures.  The superhero for engineers with challenging applications.

Elastollan thermoplastic polyurethane elastomers (TPU) from BASF feature excellent physical properties.  This versatile TPU is suitable for demanding applications in virtually all sectors of industry.

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