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Mathematical Part Optimization

The Way to Correctly Designed Components!

Integrative simulation starts with checking the performance of the component on a finished virtual component. However, if a poorly designed component is chosen, even the best plastic will not be successful because the component will not be the best either on the computer or in reality. A design tailored to withstand the stresses and strains experienced means that in many cases only engineering thermoplastics can be used; and highly stressed components made of modern materials can only develop their potential by the correct geometric design.

This is where the process known as mathematical part optimization is so important. With this method, ideal components are designed on the computer. And it closes a gap in the virtual component calculation and represents its consistent further development. While integrative simulation in its current form is useful in calculating the component correctly, mathematical part optimization is the way to produce the correctly designed component.

The intelligent application of software tools available today means that component geometry (topology) can be better determined than before. In later development phases, the mathematical process of shape optimization is included involving the exact details of the geometry and further improvement of the component design.

MBO using the Lower Bumper Stiffener (LBS) as an example:

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