Performance Polymers

Renewable materials for a fossil-free future

The world is working toward a fossil-free future, and BASF is on the cutting edge, innovating renewable materials and processes to help achieve this goal. 

Our bio-based materials are already found in various applications, including footwear, smartphone charging cables and high-performance automotive parts. 

Reduce waste and your carbon footprint with the use of our renewable materials, and keep precious fossil resources in the ground.

Sustainable engineering develops body part for Mazda made of Ultramid make the car lighter and more efficient

Bio-based Ultramid® Balance

Application:  Partially bio-based engineering plastic, high-performance material for durable applications


Sustainability performance:

  • Renewable carbon is derived from castor oil (up to 63% depending on the grade)
  • Contributes to saving fossil resources


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Bio-based Elastollan® N

ApplicationCable jackets, special films, footwear outsoles, inserts and elements with high requirements on function and design freedom


Sustainability performance:

  • Up to 50 % bio-based renewable raw materials certified by ASTM D 6866-12
  • It replaces the respective fossil-based products, saving greenhouse gas emissions
  • For footwear applications, thermoplastic polyurethane based on renewable resources (with bio content up to 60%) is available

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Elastollan is a renewable materials creating a fossil free future

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