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Elastospray ®: Multifunctional Insulation System for Better Quality of Life and Living

For a good and affordable room climate, you now need much less energy than ever before. Suitable for insulating all surfaces of pitched and flat roofs, walls and floors.


Key Advantages of Elastospray®

  • Efficient, durable insulation
  • Jointless insulation free of thermal bridges
  • Easy insulation of complex geometries
  • Temperature-stable
  • Adheres to almost any substrate
  • Simple and quick to apply

How to Bring New and Existing Buildings up to Modern Standard

Climate protection and energy conservation are the key social challenges of our time. Industry, science, government and society are called upon to curb the continuing output of greenhouse gases and make more efficient use of existing resources.

In response, a variety of approaches and strategies have been developed to protect the environment and climate in the long term. An important factor is improving the thermal insulation of buildings. With a multitude of intelligent products, BASF provides effective insulation and hence a better quality of life – indoors and outdoors. From now on, new and old buildings will have to meet the needs of energy efficiency and environmental compatibility. And thermal insulation and the sealing of buildings and roofs play an important role in this.

Elastospray® LWP – the new generation of eco-friendly spray foam insulation

The Elastospray® LWP systems are the consistent further development of BASF’s proven spray foams. In addition to improving environmental compatibility, they deliver the accustomed superlative insulation, particularly thanks to their closed-cell structure. In residential or commercial buildings, new or renovated, Elastospray® LWP is an assurance of comfort and an outstanding interior climate.

Superlative Insulation Performance with the best-possible protection for the Environment.

In its bid to curb climate change, The European Union aims to drastically reduce fluorinated gases (F-gases) with high GWP. The associated EU Regulation is targeting a two-thirds cut in F-gas emissions across Europe by the year 2030. For industry, this means substituting hydrofluorocarbons (HFC), as conventionally used as blowing agents in spray foam, with eco-friendlier alternatives. With the rapid development and market launch of the Elastospray® LWP product line in 2017, BASF ranks among the front runners in the industry. We are investing our traditionally strong innovative capability not only in improving the performance of our products, but also in enhancing their environmental profile. The latest outcome of these endeavors in the spray foam insulation sector is the new generation of spray foams that sets new standards of environmental compatibility.

Elastospray<sup>®</sup> Haus

Economic Thermal Insulation

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