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Competence in Polyurethanes

  • BASF is one of the worldwide leaders in polyurethanes (PU)
  • More than 50 years of polyurethane expertise


In the world of polyurethanes (PU), BASF is the leading manufacturer and supplier of systems, specialities and basic raw materials. BASF, with its network of almost 40 PU System Houses and an extensive product and service portfolio, is the supplier of choice for customers in a multitude of industries.

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BASF brand "PU Solutions Elastogran" represents more than 50 years as the market and technology leader in PU systems and speciality elastomers in Europe. The PU Systems business is highly service-oriented, and therefore reliabilityexperience and competence are the key to success. With its network of PU system houses, BASF provides a responsive local service during the development phase of tailored solutions for customers, backed up by best-in-class technical service.

BASF's world-scale plants in all regions of the world secure its market-leading position in basic PU raw materials.

Polyurethanes make life safer and more comfortable, and contribute in a sustainable way to the conservation of energy resources.

Polyurethanes enable architects to insulate buildings better and they enable vehicle manufacturers to improve the aesthetics of their vehicles whilst reducing weight and thereby improving fuel consumption. Manufacturers of shoes, mattresses and pillows, furniture, household appliances and sports equipment rely on the many advantages of Polyurethanes, backed up by the knowledge and experience of BASF's experts around the globe.


BASF in Alfreton

From its purpose-built facility at Alfreton in the heart of England, BASF develops, manufactures and markets PU systems, designed to meet specific customer requirements.


Once in production, the customer can continue to rely on our technical expertise to provide support with all aspects of processing, ensuring the best possible quality.

About Polyurethanes - From System to Finished Product

PU basically consists of two raw materials, isocyanate and polyol, which are obtained from crude oil. Mixing the two process-ready, fluid-system components – which contain various auxiliary materials such as catalysts, foaming agents or stabilisers – gives rise to a reactive compound. Depending on the formula and proportions of the mix, the properties of the polyurethane produced can be precisely regulated – hard, soft, integral, cellular (foamed) or compact. 



1961: Foundation of the company (under the ownership of the Reuter Group)

1971 – 1972: Acquisition of companies by BASF Group

1978: Merger of Elastollan Ltd. and Elastomer Products to form ELASTOGRAN U.K. LTD.

1980: Move to Alfreton, Derbyshire

2010: Name changed to BASF Polyurethanes U.K. Limited

2014: BASF Polyurethanes U.K.Limited integrated into BASF plc

Site development

1980 – 1986: New technical building, extension of warehouse and production facilities

1989: Extension of polyol production plant

1991 – 1994: New isocyanate and prepolymer plants; extension to technical building

1995: New pentane plant

2000: Automation of blending vessels


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