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Improve energy efficiency with lightweight plastic  

Sustainability is about more than just where raw materials come from; it also encompasses product attributes and their effects on the environment. 

When you lighten the weight of your materials, you can improve material and energy efficiency, thus reducing carbon emissions—all while lengthening the lifespan of your goods. This means less materials in landfills. 

From automotive components to insulation materials, choose resilient, lightweight plastics to save resources across the value chain.

Lightweight plastic in automotive


Application: NVH (Noise, Vibration, Harshness) improvement in almost all industries including automotive, elevators and home appliance

  • Resources are saved as the lifespan of vehicles, appliances, equipment, machines or devices is extended thanks to its superior vibration/shock absorbing capabilities and technical durability.
  • Vehicles’ energy consumption is reduced thanks to its lightweight and high compressibility

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Lightweight plastic to increase sustainable performance
Lightweight plastic to increase sustainable performance

Ultramid®  B3ZG7 CR

Application: Suitable for crash safety components

  • Crash Resistant Ultramid increased safety performance by 2X while reducing mass 30% and cost 15% over previously used steel
  • Toyota needed to reduce mass for fuel efficiency in their all new 2021 Sienna that is only available in a hybrid
  • This Ultramid material is compliant with strict vehicle interior VOC specifications

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Elastoflex lightweight plastic helps increase sustainable performance

Elastoflex® E

Application: Instrument panels, headliners

  • With fogging values below 0.5 mg according to DIN 75201, emissions in the passenger compartment are very low
  • A portfolio of bio-based Elastoflex E systems with the use of castor oil is available
  • Overall weight reduction through low foam density

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Lightweight plastic to increase sustainable performance

Lightweight plastic in consumer goods


Elastocool®  F

Application: Rigid PU foam for insulation of refrigerators

  • 10-20% faster in demolding compared to the previous generation, therefore, energy consumption per unit/fridge is less
  • 1-2% lower material consumption leads to better resource efficiency
  • Improved thermal conductivity (1-3%) makes it more energy efficient, which results in less energy consumption of fridges and freezers

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Lightweight plastic in Electrical and Electronics


Ultradur® High Speed

Application: Housings, consoles, plug-in connectors, contact carriers and covers

  • The good flowability of this new material not only makes the production of injection-moulded plastic components cheaper but also helps to save energy, thus protecting the environment.
  • Using the eco efficiency analysis alternative products are challenged concerning their life cycle
  • Savings of energy, material and cost by processing Ultradur High Speed are identified individually

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Lightweight plastic to increase sustainable performance

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