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Cold storage on the rise

The COVID-19 pandemic and the fact that people were asked to stay home for most of 2020, has significantly increased the demand for fresh food products and cold chain logistics. For example, in Southeast Asia, the meat product market, is looking to expand by 5.1% in five years, surpassing $117 billion by 2026, which prompted a need for more efficient cultivation but also stronger and safer supply chains to avoid losses. 

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Additionally, as the pandemic continues to pose a worldwide medical crisis, global health spending is expected to rise by 3.9% from 2020 to 2024, with Asia and Australasia showing the fastest growth. Vaccine products will contribute to this spending, which all require reliable cold chain storage and transportation to maintain their efficacy.

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To secure constant temperature conditions, BASF’s Elastopir® polyurethane insulation with effective fire protection, is the product of choice for many BASF construction customers in Asia and beyond. Known for its high-performance insulation properties, it is used in the production of high-quality wall, ceiling and flooring panels for cold storages and refrigerated warehouses, but also for livestock buildings that help farmers achieve lower heating bills, increase productivity, and improve animal health. With Elastopir, BASF helps customers to go beyond to create superior products that enable better and safer cold chain solutions. 

Here are some of our customer success stories from across the Asia Pacific region. 

COVID-19 vaccine storage facilities

United Panel-Systems Malaysia – the leading insulated panel, commercial and industrial refrigeration systems producer in the country – is manufacturing COVID-19 vaccine logistics facilities made with Elastopir.

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“Thanks to BASF’s Elastopir solutions, which provide extra-high temperature stability for the interiors, coupled with United Panel’s sound technological expertise for commercial refrigeration systems, we are able to produce high-quality COVID-19 vaccine storage facilities for our customers across Asia.” 

Dato Sri Dr. Bee Loh, United Panel Malaysia

Modular Intensive Care Unit for COVID-19 relief

In 2020, India’s leading insulated panel and refrigeration system producer, Rinac India Limited, produced medical Intensive Care Unit (ICU) facilities made with Elastopir.

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“We need the ICU facilities to be fully airtight and insulated to ensure the safety of our healthcare workers and minimize transmission of the virus. Thanks to BASF‘s Elastopir, the wall panels made with this excellent insulating material can help meet these requirements. With its extra high-temperature stability, the patients can recuperate comfortably with consistent indoor temperatures at 22-25°C. Most importantly, Elastopir’s superior fire performance helps enhance the protection of these facilities against fires.”

Soji Abraham, senior vice president of strategy, Rinac India

Refrigeration for food products

BASF and Wiskind Steel Building Stock Co., Ltd co-developed a cold storage with composite panels manufactured from Elastopir. Produced with a new pentane B1 Elastopir® system, it provides extra-high temperature stability and superior fire rating that meets China’s most critical new fire safety regulation.


Animal farming

Located in Henan, China, Muyuan Foods was the first farm to implement Elastopir as thermal insulation on its walls and roofs in 2019. Thanks to the excellent insulation performance of Elastopir and controllable temperature inside the farm, Muyuan was able to shorten the pig raising cycle significantly resulting in an overall cost reduction, as well as substantial energy savings. 

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