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PM solutions help to materialize the industrys eMobility ambitions.

Whitepaper on flame retardant plastics: Discover our response to the challenging requirements of eMobility


The electric powertrain challenges plastics with new property requirements. The new powertrains demand a higher safety against electric malfunctions, which can cause the risk of an electric shock, the occurrence of electric arcs, and other potential sources of ignition. Special precautions have to be taken to increase electric vehicle safety and to prevent the ultimate worst-case scenario of a battery cell fire, a so-called thermal runaway. That is why flame-retardant polymer compounds should be considered as one of your choices for a safer electric powertrain.


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 这些根据 GTT 和 KOGAS 标准认证的产品包括喷涂泡沫、聚脲涂层系统、粘合剂和 PU 低温块状泡沫系统,用于液化石油气 (LPG)、液化天然气 (LNG)、液化乙烷气体 (LEG) 的绝缘运输船和储气罐。


Elastopor® Cryo 

当用作核心绝缘材料时,Elastopor® Cryo 可为低温密封系统提供坚固、免维护和出色的恒温隔热。这些系统用于在极低的温度下运输液化气体,温度范围从负 60°C 到负 163°C。

此外,它还可以用于预制隔热管,以提供卓越的防火性能,它的极限氧指数 (LOI) > 30% 并且强度高。

此外,它还可以用于预制隔热管,以提供卓越的防火性能,它的极限氧指数 (LOI) > 30% 并且强度高。


Elastopor® Cryo for prefrabricated insulation pipes

Elastocoat® Cryo 

Elastocoat® Cryo for protective coating

用作保护涂层的定制配方溶液含有零挥发性有机化合物 (VOC),并且对包括混凝土和金属在内的各种基材具有出色的附着力。

Elastocoat® Cryo 可确保承运人和岸上结构免受腐蚀、磨损和恶劣天气条件的影响。

Elastospray® Cryo

Where electricity flows, plastics have to show excellent electrical isolation, outstanding flame retardancy and hydrolysis resistance while meeting the relevant IEC standard. For sealed connectors the compatibility to LSR is of high importance. 

Elastospray® Cryo 是一种喷涂泡沫绝缘系统,可使低温管道和储罐或燃料箱具有出色的温度稳定性和绝缘性能。