Engine covers: enjoy the silence

Automobile manufacturers and processors are always searching for new, cost-effective solutions for more efficient components. This imposes a variety of challenges on material suppliers. For example, highly complex engine covers must comply with current requirements while at the same time supporting trends like eMobility. The complexity of this component is increased by the size, design, and safety requirements and by the possible incorporation of technical equipment. On top of that, the engine cover must also provide the driver with the maximum comfort regarding sound absorption. 

BASF has developed a wide range of acoustically active materials to be used within and around the engine compartment ranging e.g. from integral skin foams to flexible foam systems.

Flexible foam solutions convince with excellent sound absorption properties at a low density. Systems like Elastoflex® W are equipped to withstand high temperatures of the engine and are long-term resistant against many media. They are used as full engine cover below a cover sheet as well as smaller plug-in parts to reduce vibrational noise. Although PU foam inherently has self-extinguishing properties and fulfills general tests without flame retardants.

engine cover back.png

Integral skin systems have gained a lot of market attention in the previous years. Finding its way into serial production of various OEMs being applied as engine cover or for technical parts. The integral skin foams come along with:

  • Media resistance
  • Heat resistance
  • Excellent acoustic properties
  • Very good optical appearance, partially suitable as beauty cover without IMC
  • Pedestrian protection
Engine Soft-Cover

With the change from combustion engines to eMobility or fuel cells, the conventional engine cover may lose on significance in the (near) future, but acoustical challenges remain. Due to electrification, NVH concepts may need to be adjusted or repositioned and other frequencies must be considered.

Using either Elastofoam® or Elastoflex® systems from BASF always provides a solution for your NVH request. The benefit of our systems is that they are not restricted to specific application areas, and can be used as an acoustic solution regardless of the powertrain.

BASF’ Elastofoam® and Elastoflex® systems have established themselves in today’s automotive industry as a good NVH solution and will also remain in the future.

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