Performance Polymers


Polyurethanes as insulation material

The low thermal conductivity of rigid polyurethane foam means that it finds widespread use as an insulation material. Elastopor H and Elastopor foam systems are used as the insulation material for applications in construction and appliances. The versatility of polyurethanes means that they can be used in a broad range of processes, substrates and designs.

PU insulation materials are based on ridgid foam system with a close cell content of > 90%. Its material density usually range from as low as 30 kg/m3 to 100 kg/m3. In some cases high density systems of up to 500 kg/m3 are required. The thermal conductivity of ridgid foams are WLS 024, 025, 028, 030.

Polyurethanes provide best available thermal performance at lowest thickness!