Performance Polymers

Appliances – Lambda is key!

As a highly efficient insulating material, Elastopor H rigid polyurethane foam systems find widespread use in all areas of refrigeration and heat management. Using technology developed within BASF group we are able to work in partnership with our customers to ensure that they are able to both comply with environmental legislation, and meet the performance criteria required of their products.


Friendlier to the environment and your manufacturing processes

With energy costs soaring; customers demanding more energy efficient appliances and innovations; new environmental and energy regulations on the horizon; and global competition at an all-time high, refrigerator manufacturers face a significant challenge - improve performance and competitiveness while developing new designs.

Whether it's a side-by-side in the kitchen, top- or bottom-mounted in the garage, or a 3-door refrigerator in the basement, polyurethane rigid foam systems from BASF have been developed to meet a wide variety of new design demands, while providing outstanding insulation and sealing solutions.

By allowing much of the development work to be done in our fully-equipped appliance lab, instead of on your production line, we can help you bring new technologies to market faster and more cost-effectively.

Polyurethanes - An ice-cold hot love!

Salmon from the Norwegian Sea, steaks from Argentina or fruit from South Africa – everything that is of good quality , in high demand and perishable needs ways and means to reach the consumer in the freshest possible condition.

In practical terms this means refrigeration solutions for supermarkets and professional use have to ensure that the very vital deep-freeze temperature is maintained at all times.

Our Elastopor H zero ODP and low GWP PU systems significantly contribute to achieve these conditions whilst helping to reduce energy consumption and hence actively contributing towards climate protection.


Comfortable Warmth, Cleverly Wrapped!

Nobody wants to lose anything precious! Such as energy! The ideal heat retainer: Elastopor H, BASF’s highly efficient insulation material. Our motto: efficient heat retention through optimum material usage. Elastopor H is the preferred polyurethane rigid foam system for the production of storage heater insulation across Europe.

Low GWP rigid foam systems, using water as the blowing agent, have been well established in this industry for many years now. These special formulas make it possible to perform direct foaming in metal jackets or foam moulding for in situ production of elements for retro insulation of hot water tanks at the construction site.

As a leading supplier in the UK, BASF offers the full range of low-pressure injected or sprayed PU systems for all sizes of boiler / heating systems.