Performance Polymers


Nicely wrapped up: with polyurethane materials made by BASF

Behind each construction project are the owner and the authorities – with requests/demands and requirements and with the regulations to be observed during their implementation. This is no easy task for either the architect or the contractor.

With Elastopor H and Elastopir we can provide two materials which meet nearly all requirements. Elastopor H is the multi-faceted polyurethane rigid foam system made by BASF which has been specially developed for the construction industry. It has proven itself for over 30 years and is employed world-wide for all types of construction.

Elastopir is one of a new generation of rigid foams with a polyisocyanurate (PIR) basis. These foams stand out from conventional PU foams due to greatly improved properties.

The areas of application of Elastopor H and Elastopir are just as diverse as the construction industry itself. A fact which is highly appreciated by architects and construction engineers alike.