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Unlock endless possibilities with sustainable engineering plastics and polyurethanes  

Creating high-performance innovations is your passion. Improving your environmental footprint with sustainable products is your urgent priority. Now, building a net-zero future can be your reality.

Your path toward a sustainable engineering future can begin today, by using materials originating from plastic waste or bio-based materials; choosing the right technology, be it mechanical or chemical recycling, or closing the nutrient loop with biopolymers. These innovations help you take one step toward a lower-carbon future.

With BASF as your global partner in the plastics value chain, you can choose solutions that power the circular economy and make net zero possible. Together, we can design products that use resources in the best possible way and create solutions that open infinite possibilities for a more sustainable future.

Our commitment to sustainability

Striving to create endless possibilities for you through our portfolio of sustainable engineering plastics and polyurethanes, we have set ourselves ambitious sustainability goals. These goals help our industry get closer to a net-zero future and a true circular economy.



Reduce 25% of COemissions by 2030



Contribute significantly to BASF Group's €17 billion circular sales by 2030



Achieve net zero COemissions by 2050


Performance plastics align with the circular economy

Circular economy is a principle already in practice at BASF. It includes using resources wisely and designing products with the minimum amount of waste and impact on the environment. The goal is to move away from a linear model of “take, make, dispose” toward a regenerative, circular model where resources are reused and recycled and waste is reduced. No one organization can create the circular economy. It requires all of us in the plastic value chain to align. By giving plastics a new life, you and BASF can create unique opportunities that enable a circular future. 

Pushing the possibilities: 9 sustainable offerings from BASF

To achieve a more sustainable future for all, a new approach is needed that emphasizes cooperation among stakeholders in the plastic value chain. BASF performance materials contribute to the creation and expansion of the circular economy. Meet your sustainability goals with a proven partner who also supports engineering, design, material selection, testing and serial production.

Showcasing the possibilities of sustainable solutions

Your possibilities can be further expanded with sustainable solutions from BASF. Through projects and partnerships with BASF, your challenges are addressed, solutions are co-created and a positive environmental impact can be made. 

Performance Materials Sustainability Experts 

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