Performance Polymers

Rigid Foam

The polyurethane rigid foam assortment contains:

Systems are suitable for your application when they conform to your specifications on two fronts, one being the final products produced and the other the production process.

Systems are suitable for your application when they comply to specifications on two fronts: Specifications on the end product, produced from the system supplied, and for the production process on your machine.

Product Features (finished product)

  • Form and dimensional stability
  • Thermal conductivity
  • Density of the product
  • Compresive stength, tensile strength, impact resistance
  • Cell structure, open/closed cell content
  • Burning properties
  • E-modulus, flexibility and elongation
  • Surface hardness
  • Moisture vapour and gas permeability

Process Features (during processing)

  • Good flowability
  • Adjusted reactivity and curing
  • Component temperature
  • Substrate temperature
  • Demoulding time and demouldability
  • Easy sprayable, low aerosol formation
  • Miscibility
  • Wide processing tolerance