Performance Polymers

Systems for continuous processes

Elastopor H systems are an essential part of multi-layer construction elements (so-called sandwich elements) with polyurethane insulating core and diffusion-tight metal layers. These will be used as a facade or roof elements in the refrigeration, storage and industrial halls, and for containers and vehicle bodies. Sectional, doors and garage doors are manufactured with polyurethane insulation core. The production of these metal elements are interconnected in a continuous form (dual band).

The simple processing of liquid reaction mixture allows foaming profiles (eg shutter and window profiles) and all kinds of forms.

Product group        Polyurethane rigid foam, continuous processes  
Product name     Elastopor®
Application     Continuous production of insulation panels, laminates and blinds with either flexible or rigid facings. 
Fire performance     B1* B2 and B3 / M1* M2 M3,
according to following standards DIN 4102 / NF P92-507
* As element with steel facings
Blowing agents      Carbon dioxide, HFC, pentane  
Mixing ratio       System dependent 
Reactivity  System dependent  
Thickness panel   [mm]  10 - 200  
Density   [kg/m3]   30 - 50