Performance Polymers

Refrigeration apparatus

Elastopor H systems are also used for the insulation of refrigerators and freezers. In the early 90s, BASF has cyclopentane as an environmentally friendly propellants for these applications, patented and introduced into the market. This foaming technology has now become established worldwide. Latest polyol settings for Elastopor H achieve today the highest insulation quality and productivity.

Product group    Polyurethane rigid foam, refrigeration apparatus
Product name     Elastopor® H
Application      Insulation of refrigeration apparatus  
System characteristics      Good flowabilty, good thermal insulation properties and adhesion to various substrates. 
Fire performance       According to standard DIN 4102: B3
Blowing agents      Carbon dioxide, HFC, pentane  
Wall thickness   [mm]   20 - 200 
Density fill out weight   [kg/m3]   30 - 60