Performance Polymers

Systems for warm water apparatus

Elastopor H is the preferred polyurethane-foam system for insulating hot water tanks. For many years, rigid foams have prevailed on the water-based blowing agents in the industry. These special formulations allow both: a direct foaming in the metal shell, also as a form of elements for subsequent production of foamed insulation of hot water tanks on the site.

Product group       Polyurethane Rigid foam, warmwater apparatus
Product name    Elastopor® H  
Application      Insulation of warm water apparatus
System characteristics       Good flowabilty and dimensional stabilty, good adhesion to various materials  
Fire performance       Conform norm IEC 60335-1:2001
Blowing agents     Carbon dioxide, HFC, pentane 
Thickness layer [mm]   20 - 100 
Density [kg/m3]   40 - 50