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Certified & available now: our lowPCF product portfolio

Carbon emission reduction is currently one of the main challenges for BASF, our partners and customers. The comprehensive lowPCF portfolio will contribute to a more sustainable future with plastic products. 

lowPCF products - Designed for a significant reduction of CO2 emissions

The lowPCF portfolio covers main grades of the Engineering plastics and Polyurethane portfolio being used in various applications. The Product Carbon Footprint (PCF) of all these products is at least 30% lower compared to corresponding fossil-based grades. Due to the variety of products, there is not one way to realize this reduction. BASF has selected the currently most efficient measures to achieve a reduced PCF for each grade and will continuously check further emission optimization measures over the value chain. For all grades, the major PCF reduction will be achieved by use of Biomethane, which is allocated to the lowPCF products by the mass-balance approach. Additionally, green electricity and low emission raw materials will be used wherever possible. All products in the core portfolio are chemically and physically identical with their corresponding fossil products and certified according to the REDcert2 scheme. 

lowPCF products available immediately - more will be added

Products of the initial lowPCF portfolio are immediately available within a standard lead time. A second roll-out wave with more products will come in early 2023, adding for example grades of the Ultramid® Advanced portfolio. Further portfolio extension will also be steered by customer feedback and market needs.

Portfolio Engineering Plastics

Product Fossil Name Product name lowPCF PCF reduction
ULTRAMID® B3WG6 bk564 ULTRAMID® B3WG6 bk564 lowPCF 35%
ULTRAMID® A3WG6 bk 564 ULTRAMID® A3WG6 bk564 lowPCF 18%
ULTRADUR® B4300G6 bk 5110 ULTRADUR® B4300G6 bk5110 lowPCF 41%
ULTRADUR® B4520 un ULTRADUR® B4520 un lowPCF 63%
ULTRAMID® B3ZG6 bk30564 ULTRAMID® B3ZG6 bk30564 lowPCF 47%
ULTRADUR® B4300G4 un ULTRADUR® B4300G4 un lowPCF 43%
ULTRAMID® A3X2G5 bk23187 ULTRAMID® A3X2G5 bk23187 lowPCF 30%

Portfolio Polyurethanes

Product Name Fossil Product Name lowPCF PCF reduction
Iso 133/6 Iso 133/6 lowPCF
Iso 123/6 Iso 123/6 lowPCF 100%
 Iso 118/4 Iso 118/4 lowPCF 100%
 Elastocool® F 2030/303/OT  Elastocool® F 2030 lowPCF 45%
 Elastopir® 1132/509 Elastopir® 1132/509 lowPCF 89%
 Elastopir® 1132/516 Elastopir® 1132/516 lowPCF 70%
 IsoPMDI 92140 IsoPMDI 92140 lowPCF 100%
 IsoPMDI 92730 IsoPMDI 92730 lowPCF 100%
 IsoPMDI 92410 IsoPMDI 92410 lowPCF 100%
 Elastollan® 1185 A 10  Elastollan® 1185 A 10 lowPCF 41%
 Elastollan® B CF 75 A 10P Elastollan® B CF 75 A 10P lowPCF 55%

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