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Performance Polymers

Mechanical recycling that improves feedstocks

Expert design and material development now make it easier than ever to incorporate mechanical recycling into your engineering and manufacturing processes. 

For example, old carpets, empty PET bottles and polyurethane industrial trim can be transformed within the plastic recycling value chain.

Now is the time to integrate post-industrial and post-consumer waste materials into your designs, without sacrificing performance.

Mechanical recycling improves feedstock

Nypel® RC grades

Application: Air intake manifolds, engine covers, and cylinder head covers


Sustainability performance:

  • Based on polyamide blends containing up to 100% post-consumer recycled (PCR) content
  • Improved resource efficiency due to the use of recycled materials
  • Reduced CO2 footprint
  • Available in North America

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Mechanical recycling improves feedstock

Petra® PET

Application: Appliance electrical connectors, power tool motor components & housings, appliance handles


Sustainability performance:

  • Based on 100% post-consumer PET bottles
  • Improved resource efficiency due to the use of recycled materials
  • Reduced CO2 footprint
  • Available in North America

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mechanical recycling made easy with BASF sustainable products

Elastollan® (TPU) & Infinergy® (E-TPU)

Application: Footwear


Sustainability performance:

  • Through a combination of mechanical operation and an upgrading step, post-industrial waste of TPU and E-TPU can be recycled and regenerated with the original level of high material quality
  • BASF’s recycling technology reduces waste and improves resource efficiency

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mechanical recycling made easy with BASF sustainable products


Application: PVC window profiles


Sustainability performance:

  • Window profiles made of PVC, reinforced with BASF’s Ultradur B4040 HMG HP green 75074 are recycled mechanically: They are shreddered and then sorted by machines into pieces of the individual constituents, which can then be reused for new window-profiles
  • The Ultradur pieces can be sorted by a colour sorter, since Ultradur was given a suitable colour. Alternatively they can be sorted with a NIR-sorter
  • profine is an example of a profile producer who also performs this mechanical recycling

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Elastan®  CC 6521

Application: Trunk floor

Sustainability performance:

  • Green & Light Automotive Components (Green & Light) and BASF jointly developed a trunk floor made with recycled PU waste using BASF’s PU binder Elastan® CC 6521
  • With BASF’s PU binder, trimming waste can be used as a raw material to produce new semi-structural components
  • The mechanical performance can also be adjusted by adding glass fibers
  • Compared to standard plywood boards, the PU waste trunk floor exhibits lower emissions and water uptake and increases lifetime and durability required of light vehicle interior parts

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Mechanical recycling made easy with BASF sustainable products

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