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Elastollan® for premium synthetic leather applications

As the world’s leading provider of Elastollan® thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) , BASF now offers Elastollan®  as high-performance and sustainable drop-in solution for premium synthetic leather applications in fashion consumables, furniture, and automotive segments. 



  • Sustainable
  • Drop-in solution
  • High-performance
  • Safe & easy manufacturing
  • Versatility enabling diversity
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Synthetic leather made from Elastollan® is a sustainable solution that can be recycled both mechanically and chemically.

Elastollan® is made without the use of plasticizers or solvents. As such, it emits low volatile organic compounds (VOC), contributing to better air quality and meets stringent VOC standards. 

E4SL - Drop in

Drop-in Solution

Elastollan® for synthetic leather can be processed using exiting PV calendering and extrusion lines. So PVC manufacturers can utilize existing calendaring and extrusion lines and ‘drop-in’ Elastollan TPU seamlessly and cost-effectively.  The drop-in solution enables flexible and efficient processing

PVC manufacturers can now diversify their portfolio to offer both PVC and high-performance TPU. This contributes to sustainable development, as more TPU can be used by PVC manufacturers for the production of synthetic leather

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Applications made with Elastollan®  for synthetic leather possess outstanding properties such as high abrasion resistance, hydrolysis resistance, and cold flexibility - empowering manufacturers to meet various industry standards and demands.


Safe & Easy Manufacturing

  • Can be processed via Calendaring or Extrusion 

Versatility enabling diversity

  • Synthetic leather made from Elastollan® is easy to dye and emboss, offering various colors and designs.
  • Its versatility enables its use in a diverse range of applications. 
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High abrasion resistance

Meeting market demands

Detail of classic furniture sofa in living room.

Excellent haptics

Providing comfort and a luxurious look 

Luxury car inside. Interior of prestige modern car. Comfortable leather seats. Red perforarated leather cockpit with isolated white background.

Low odor

Helping to meet stringent VOC standards

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