Performance Polymers

Metal protection

Metal has been used throughout the centuries as a construction material mainly due to its good mechanical properties. The most common metals such as steel, iron, aluminum as well as most other metals, all share one downfall, without protection from corrosion all metals degrade over time.

Traditional conservation materials are being used to increase the lifespan of metals. However these systems have a number of problems, i.e. long drying times, non-flexible finishes and thin layers.

For all these issues there is a solution: POLYUREA. This is a 2 component material which is applied using a “hot spray” method. An important benefit of this product is its reactivity, where traditional conservation materials may need up to 48 hours to cure, the Elastocoat® C 6335/101 is touch-dry after several seconds and cured within hours. Layer thickness up to 3 millimeters is no problem, which makes this coating not only suitable for corrosion protection but also for those applications where good mechanical properties are required. Additional benefits are that the Elastocoat® C 6335/101 can be applied as an anti-skid surface and its flexibility ensures lasting corrosion protection even if the metal surface is being dented or bent.

Specific properties of the Elastocoat® C 6335/10:

  • NO VOC’s
  • Fast curing
  • Sound dampening properties
  • High flexibility
  • Exceptional chemical resistance
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Anti-static properties possible
  • Application onto substrates as cold as –15 °C possible.

These unique properties makes this product very suitable for the protection of:

  • Truck floors
  • Storage tanks
  • Docklevelers
  • Secondary containment
  • On-site steel constructions.
  • Liners on abrasive equipment.

Elastocoat® C 6335/101:

Property Unit Method Value
Strength N(mm)-2  DIN 53504  21,0
Elonguation % DIN 53504 425
Hardness    Shore A

Shore D

DIN 53505 93-95
Tear strength  N(mm)-1  DIN 53515 58,0
Taber Abrasion   mg DIN 53516 180
Adhesion Steel  N(mm)-2 ASTM D790 6,9