Performance Polymers

Workable coating

Workable polyurea coating is a solvent free, pigmented or transparent, quick drying 2-component coating for horizontal and vertical surfaces. The workable coating has a low viscosity and is extremely easy to apply with a roller.

The workable polyurea coating can be applied to surfaces under mechanical load or subjected to chemicals, consisting of concrete, cement mortar screeds, steel, etc. In cured condition, the material is extremely resistant against chemicals such as (diluted) acids, caustic solutions, various oils, solvents, etc. Workable polyurea coating can be used in applications such as emergency containers, battery storage compartments, forklift truck service stands, and all other locations in the chemical and food industry that require floors with high chemical resistance.


Workable Coating

Workable coatings.JPG

When subjected to ultraviolet light, the material will not discolour and will remain flexible. In order to achieve thicker layers, in combination with an anti-slip effect if necessary, the first layer of workable polyurea coating can be filled with a special filler material. This mixture can then be applied with a spreading knife. This layer should be scattered full and filled, and topped with a (filled) roll coating once hardened.

Material type:

  • 2-component pigmented polyurea coating

  • does not contain solvents

  • extremely short through-hardening time

  • remains flexible

  • can withstand mechanical load or chemicals

  • intended for special filler material

Processing time

The processing time for workable polyurea coating is approximately 10 to 15 minutes at a temperature of 20°C. Can be walked on 30 to 45 minutes after applying the coating.


The processing and hardening time depend on the following factors:

  • material temperature

  • subsurface temperature
  • coating layer thickness